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Woman fires shot at stalking suspect, both get charged

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Today is Sunday May 28th and happy 36th birthday to wrestler Seth Rollins

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I’m Brian Giffin and here are some top stories Georgia is talking about, presented by Drake Realty

  1. Woman fires shot at stalking suspect, both get charged
  2. Disbarred Cobb attorney Merritt gets life in prison for killing mother in 2019
  3. Travis Moore to seek seat on Covington City Council


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  1. shot

A woman, Nicky Briscoe Keeley, was arrested for aggravated assault after firing a shot at a man, Melvin Eugene Reid, who she alleged had been stalking her and threatening her life. She told Madison Police Department officers she had fired a shot at the man.

Reid, the father of Keeley's child, had a no contact order against him but continued to harass her. Keeley filmed Reid with her phone when he approached her residence, and he left. However, he returned, prompting Keeley to pull out a pistol. Reid told Keeley to use the gun if she had pulled it out, and she fired a single round, later finding a suspected bullet hole near where she fired. Reid fled and was apprehended by officers, resisting arrest and taking a Taser weapon from an officer. Reid faced charges including aggravated stalking, disarming a police officer, terroristic threats, and felony obstruction.


2: Merritt

Disbarred lawyer Richard Merritt, known for being a wanted criminal on the run, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his mother, Shirley Merritt, in 2019. A DeKalb County jury found him guilty of murder, aggravated assault, and possessing a weapon during the crime. Prior to the murder, Merritt had been facing a 15-year prison sentence for stealing settlement money from his clients. However, he cut off his ankle monitor and became a fugitive. Merritt's nationwide manhunt ended after eight months when he was captured by the U.S. Marshals Service in Nashville. His murder trial concluded last week.


3: Moore


Travis Moore, a seventh generation Covington resident, has announced his candidacy for the East Ward, Post 2 seat on the Covington City Council. The incumbent, Fleeta Baggett, will not seek re-election. Moore, who lives in the East Ward with his wife and three dogs, has a background in real estate and is involved in various businesses, including a vacation rental company and a fitness center. He previously worked as a firefighter and EMT. Moore's main concern is the ongoing increase in multi-family and large single-family developments in Covington……..Back with more in a moment


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        4: Chattahoochie

The Sandy Springs Police Department has announced the transformation of its River Rescue Unit into a River Patrol Unit, resulting in increased police presence on the Chattahoochee River. Starting from Memorial Day weekend, the newly-formed unit will patrol the river between Island Ford and The Palisades, aiming to enforce laws, deter criminal activity, and promote safety in Sandy Springs. The unit, consisting of two sergeants and nine officers, intends to reduce drownings and educate river users on safety practices. Meanwhile, the Sandy Springs Fire Department will continue to operate the River Rescue Unit.. We’ll be right back



               5:  Hotels


The Madison Mayor and City Council have approved two zoning changes to accommodate growing tourism and expand lodging options. Hotels are now permitted in the General Commercial (C3) zoning district, and the height restrictions for hotels in C3 have been raised from 35 feet to 45 feet. The decision was influenced by a proposed hotel project by Fairfield Inn and Suites. The addition of hotels aims to meet regional needs, attract businesses and visitors, stimulate the economy, create jobs, generate tax revenue, and enhance property values. The presence of hotels also aligns with the development of new recreation facilities, increasing the demand for local accommodations.…..final thoughts after this


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