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Woman charged with murder in man's disappearance

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Community Podcast 7-13-23 Thursday

 Publish Date 7-12-23 Wednesday

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From the Ingles Studio, Welcome to The Community Podcast.

This Podcast brings you the top stories from the Rockdale-Newton Citizen and the Morgan Citizen

   Today is Thursday, July 13th and happy 80th birthday to actor Harrison Ford


I’m Brian Giffin and here are your top stories presented by  Drake Realty


Woman charged with murder in man's disappearance


Four arrested in beach brawl at Hard Labor Creek State Park


And a Suspect fleeing from deputy crashes, injures three


Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins our Bruce Jenkins to talk about soil


These stories and more are coming up in today’s edition of the Community Podcast for Rockdale, Newton, and Morgan Counties!


Break 1:  Drake


STORY 1: arrested


A woman from Kansas has been arrested and charged with murder, aggravated assault, and arson in connection with the disappearance of a disabled man in Newton County, Georgia. Danetta Ann Knoblauch, 35, was arrested last week. The incident occurred on February 23 when a fire broke out at Melvin Cooksey's residence, and he was not found at the scene. Witnesses reported seeing a stolen Kansas handicap-plated white hatchback leaving the area. The Newton County Sheriff's Office has not provided information on Cooksey's body or the relationship between Cooksey and Knoblauch. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities expressed their condolences to Cooksey's family and friends……. Stay up to date on this developing story at rockdalenewtoncitizen.com.


STORY 2:  four


Four people were arrested after an alcohol-fueled brawl at the beach area of Hard Labor Creek State Park. The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is uncertain about the cause of the fight. Witnesses reported chaotic scenes, with one suspect allegedly wielding a knife. Deputies used a taser to subdue one of the individuals, while another deputy was assaulted. The fight unfolded in front of numerous park visitors, and alcohol is believed to have played a role in the incident. A woman recording the event was reportedly attacked by one of the suspects. Charges include disorderly conduct, simple battery, and the suspect who attacked the woman was also charged with disorderly conduct.……..get more info on this at morgancountycitizen.com


Story 3 : fleeing


Law enforcement is searching for a man who led deputies on a high-speed chase, resulting in a crash involving two other vehicles and leaving three people seriously injured. The incident occurred when a stolen BMW SUV was detected by a Flock camera in Newton County on July 4. A deputy attempted to stop the vehicle by activating lights and sirens, but the driver evaded capture, reaching speeds of around 100 mph. The chase ended when the suspect ran a red light and collided with two other vehicles. The suspect then attempted to escape but was able to flee on foot. The Georgia State Patrol is assisting with the investigation. The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall Black male wearing a cream-colored sweatshirt and shorts, and he had an ankle monitor on his left ankle..……….……We’ll be right back

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Story 4: rutberg


Jared Rutberg, a Covington resident, decorated veteran, and local business owner, has announced his candidacy for the Covington City Council East Ward, Post 3. With a background in civic leadership and successful entrepreneurship, Rutberg aims to address the growth-related challenges faced by the city while ensuring sustainable and balanced development. He emphasizes the need for careful management of multi-family housing expansion to prevent strain on infrastructure and schools. Rutberg advocates for SMART growth strategies to maintain the well-being and quality of life for Covington residents. He is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment, investing in the school system, and responsibly controlling the growth of multi-family housing. More information about Rutberg's campaign can be found on his Facebook page, "JaredRutbergCityCouncil."


Story 5: trust


Health TRUST Rockdale, the grant-making division of the Hospital Authority of Rockdale County, has announced that it will accept grant applications from August 1-5, 2023. Nonprofit or government agencies that focus on improving the physical and mental health of Rockdale residents are encouraged to apply. Interested agencies should contact HARC Executive Director Julie Mills before July 31 and review the grant program guidelines and deadlines on the Health TRUST Rockdale website. This is the final grant cycle scheduled for 2023.


STORY 6: rams


Amoi Hagans, Maurice Harrell, and Almar Clarke, who are standout athletes from the Newton Rams, have been selected for the All-Region 4-AAAAAAA Track and Field Team. Hagans was chosen for the first team in the girls' 100-meter dash, Harrell in the triple jump, and Clarke in the 200-meter race. Additionally, the Rams' 400-meter relay team consisting of Jahson Gordon, Zavion Williams, Malik Brightwell, and Kenton George also earned first-team honors. Other notable mentions from Newton include Kam'Aron Patterson in the long jump and high jump, Gordon in the 400-meter race, and the 800-meter relay team of Gordon, Williams, Brightwell, and George.



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STORY 7: Leah


And now, as promised, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins Bruce Jenkins to talk about soil




Final thoughts after this


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