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Updated: 2 Dallas traffickers arrested in major drug bust

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Paulding County News Podcast Wednesday Aug 20, 2023 

  1. 2 Dallas traffickers arrested in major drug bust 

In a story we first reported Wednesday, two Dallas drug traffickers were apprehended by a joint drug task force from Paulding and Haralson Counties after an extensive investigation. The task force executed search warrants at two residences, leading to the discovery of substantial illicit items: over $100,000 cash, a kilogram of meth, more than 200 grams of heroin/fentanyl, multiple ounces of cocaine, 15 firearms (including two stolen ones), and thousands of rounds of ammunition. One suspect, Jones (41), is facing four felony charges, including trafficking cocaine and heroin. The other suspect, Birdsong (38), is facing seven felony charges, including trafficking various drugs. Both are in custody without bond. More charges and arrests might follow. The Haralson-Paulding drug task force's collaborative effort is praised for their work in this case....... This from Fox 5  

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  1. Trump Allies Likely to Be Booked at Notorious Atlanta Jail 


The Atlanta detention center, known as "Rice Street," is where defendants in the racketeering case against Donald J. Trump and his allies will be booked over the next nine days. High-profile figures like Rudolph W. Giuliani and Mark Meadows will undergo standard procedures like medical screening, fingerprinting, mug shots, and potential time in a holding cell. Despite recent Justice Department scrutiny of the facility's conditions, the Fulton County Sheriff's Office plans to book all 19 defendants there. The process for Trump's co-defendants remains unclear. The defendants will be arraigned in court after booking, with the trial potentially starting on March 4 next year. The jail's conditions have raised concerns...... This from the New York Times  


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  1. UGA welcomes more than 6,000 freshmen for class of 2027 

The University of Georgia has admitted over 6,000 new students for the class of 2027 from a pool of nearly 43,500 applicants. The incoming class, consisting of 215 valedictorians and salutatorians, boasts an average weighted high school GPA of 4.13. Around 81% of the admitted students are residents of Georgia. The freshmen participated in orientation activities on Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium, forming the traditional "super G" for a class photo. Classes at UGA are set to commence, with the majority of students hailing from the state of Georgia...... This from Atlanta News First #godawgs #gobulldogs #UGA #UGABulldogs #kirbysmart #newclass #classof2027 




  1. Board of Commissioner holds final public hearing to adopt FY2024 spending plan 

Paulding County Board of Commissioners held its final public hearing on the proposed FY2024 Budget, followed by a vote to adopt the budget during their August session. The County adopted resolutions establishing various millage rates: 4.22 mills for County M/O, 1.20 mills for Debt Service, 2.3 mills for Fire Tax, and 17.675 mills for County School Tax. Additionally, a resolution authorized a 2.09% fee for the Tax Commissioner to collect School Tax. The budget-setting process was completed with these decisions at the meeting held at the Watson Government Complex in Dallas...... This from the Dallas New Era #FY2024 #fiscalyear #2024 #spendingplan #watsongovernmentcomplex #apotedbudget  

  1. Gunfire erupts in altercation at Georgia high school, student injured 


A student was shot during a confrontation that turned into gunfire at Josey High School in Augusta, central Georgia. The incident resulted in one student being shot in the finger and taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The suspected shooter, a juvenile, is still at large, according to Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree. Augusta University Health confirmed treating a shooting victim. During the incident, a junior named Samaria Stallings recalled hearing two gunshots, and her teacher secured the classroom, instructing students to remain quiet and contact parents. Later, police arrived, leading to a tense situation for the students who were eventually directed out of the room by deputies........ This from Fox News 



  1. Man charged with killing an Eastman deputy could face trial in 2024 

On August 16, 2016, Eastman police officer Tim Smith was killed in the line of duty, allegedly by Royheem Deeds. Despite the incident occurring seven years ago, Deeds has yet to be tried for the crime. Smith's fiancée, Chelsea Clark, and their 7-year-old daughter Madison, who was just five months old when he was killed, still remember him fondly. The delay in the trial was caused by various factors, including evidence gathering, potential death penalty considerations, courthouse contamination, and COVID-19-related shutdowns. The trial is now moving towards an official trial date, possibly in a different county, offering a sense of closure for Smith's family and the community....... This from 13WAMZ #eastmanpolice #policeofficer #eastmanpolliceofficer #variousfactors #notyettriedforhiscrime #sevenyears #howmuchlonger #familyneedsclosure  


  1. Proposed federal legislation offers help to teachers, law enforcement and first responders to buy homes: 

The "Homes for Every Local Protector, Educator, and Responder (HELPER) Act of 2023," introduced in May, aims to assist first-time homebuyers who are teachers, first responders, or police officers. This federal legislation, modeled after a similar veterans' program, was co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Jon Ossoff (D-Georgia) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida). The legislation aims to facilitate the home-buying process for these professionals, making it easier for them to own houses in the communities where they work. The proposed act addresses the housing needs of teachers, first responders, and police officers, aiming to make homeownership more accessible for those who serve their communities....... This from the Dallas New Era #jonossoff #marcorubio #HELPERACT #teachers #firstreponders #policeofficers #firsttimehomebuyers#possibleveterans #communities #helps the community  






This next week you can expect dry feet once again because there it very little chance of rain all this week. It will be very hot with the highs being in the mid 90’s and the lows sitting around 70’s. #sunnyonceagain #veryveryhot #humid #youaremysunshine #allsunshine #norain #rainrainstayaway 


Weird news: 

  1. Target customers shocked to find huge exotic snake curled up in shopping cart 

A boa constrictor was found at a Target store surprising locals like Cindy Rarrat, who named the snake "Targeé" in reference to the store. The snake was discovered curled up in a shopping cart. It had been seen in the parking lot the previous day but was not taken seriously until its presence in the store. Animal control officers removed the non-native snake, and efforts to find the owner proved fruitless. The snake, about 4-5 feet long and not indigenous to the area, will be cared for by a local herpetologist and used for educational purposes after the owner's grace period expires........ This from Fox 5 #target #snake #snakeintarget #noperope #yikes #nooneharmed #shoppingcart #buggy #animalcontrol #suprisedlocals   



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