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Retired Gwinnett County pastor pens first book — 'Evil & The Garden of Good'

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From the Henssler Financial Studios, this is your news minute on the Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast, presented by Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Today is Saturday June 10th, and I'm Brian Giffin
The Rev. R. Page Fulgham, a former pastor, has released his first book titled "Evil & The Garden of Good." The book explores the reconciliation of the existence of evil in a world with a loving God. Fulgham, who has pondered this topic since his days in theological seminary, wanted to offer a fresh perspective on suffering, particularly inspired by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 150-page book, published by Smith & Helwys, is aimed at a general audience rather than theologians, seeking to provide helpful and encouraging insights. Fulgham hopes to challenge readers' traditional thinking and generate meaningful discussions on the subject. He plans to promote the book through book signings, seminars, speaking engagements, and online marketing. While he is pleased with the initial feedback, he expects both agreement and disagreement from readers. As for future books, Fulgham remains uncertain at this point.

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