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Prince Avenue Christian football keeps rolling, Athens Academy bounces back and more

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Athens News Podcast: 9/12/2023 


Prince Avenue Christian football keeps rolling, Athens Academy bounces back and more 

In high school football action, Jefferson secured a decisive 44-7 victory over Oconee County, largely thanks to Sammy Brown's four touchdowns. Meanwhile, Prince Avenue Christian dominated Monroe Area with a 45-17 win, extending their winning streak to 18 games. Quarterback Aaron Philo had a stellar performance, running for two touchdowns and throwing two scoring passes to C.J. Dockery. Athens Academy rebounded from a previous loss with a dominant 59-13 victory against Mt. Pisgah Christian. The Spartans took an early 24-0 lead in the first quarter and continued to rack up points in the second quarter. Standout plays included interceptions and impressive touchdown passes……..This from Athens-Banner Herald 


Georgia football starts slow again 

The Georgia Bulldogs faced another slow start against a weaker opponent, Ball State, with a scoreless first quarter. Their opening drive showed promise but ended in a fumble by quarterback Carson Beck, recovered by running back Kendall Milton. Georgia attempted a 28-yard field goal, but freshman kicker Peyton Woodring missed it. They were forced to punt on their second drive. This trend raises concerns about their No. 1 ranking, as they've struggled to start strong in two consecutive games. However, Mekhi Mews provided a spark with a punt return for a touchdown early in the second quarter against Ball State………This from the UGA Wire 


Artist finds creative outlet, successful business in hand-painted signs 

In 2019, Levi Dilley launched his business, Signs and Wonders, as a creative outlet. His work, specializing in hand-painted signs, murals, and gold leaf, can be found in Athens and Monroe. Recent projects include a vegetable mural for Maepole at Epps Bridge and a hand-painted logo for Café Racer on West Broad Street. His collaboration with Polias, a local development company, has led to more projects around town. Despite not initially specializing in painting, Dilley has become skilled in old school sign painting, with each piece representing hours of hard work and attention to detail. His creative roots come from his parents, who have backgrounds in carpentry and art, inspiring his journey into artistry and entrepreneurship. Dilley enjoys the unique challenges of helping different companies develop their identities through his work…………This from the Athens-Banner Herald 


Man dies in 12th fatal Athens-Clarke County crash of 2023 

A 50-year-old man from Athens died in the 12th fatal vehicle crash of the year in Athens-Clarke County. The incident occurred at approximately 7:12 p.m. at the intersection of Whit Davis Road and Pioneer Drive. It involved a 1982 Honda motorcycle driven by the victim and a 2003 Toyota Tundra pickup truck driven by a 43-year-old Athens man. Witnesses reported that the motorcyclist was passing vehicles on a curved section of the road when he lost control, slid into oncoming traffic, and collided with the pickup truck. The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact the ACCPD. Limited visibility due to foliage and the road's curvature may have played a role in the accident………….This from the Red and black 


Are southerners losing their drawl? Research from UGA, Georgia Tech says they are 

A collaborative study by the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech reveals that the classic Southern accent in Georgia is rapidly changing, and Generation X is the driving force behind this shift. The research indicates that white English speakers in Georgia have been moving away from traditional Southern pronunciations for several generations. Notably, the most significant shift occurred between the baby boomer generation and Generation X, with the latter showing a marked departure from the traditional Southern accent. 

The study, which focused on vowel pronunciation, analyzed recordings of native Georgians from the late 19th century to the early 2000s. It found that younger speakers now pronounce words like "prize" and "face" differently from their older counterparts. This accent shift aligns with broader changes in the South and other regions of the United States. 

While the study concentrated on white speakers, the researchers plan to explore cross-generational accents among the Black population, recognizing the importance of examining linguistic patterns among diverse ethnic groups. This research underscores the complex interplay between generational shifts, societal dynamics, and linguistic evolution, shedding light on how regional accents transform over time……………..This from the Athens-Banner Herald 


6.Madison Co. couple arrested in Athens with drugs, gun and children in car 

A couple from Madison County, Mayati Davante Rucker and Heaven Rucker, was arrested in Athens after police discovered drugs and a firearm in their car while their young children were present. Both were charged with three counts of second-degree cruelty to children, conspiracy to violate the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Mayati Rucker faced an additional charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon due to his criminal history dating back to 2010. The arrests were made outside Sam's Club on Atlanta Highway by the Northeast Georgia Drug Task Force following an investigation. Details from the incident report were not yet released to the public…………..This from Classic City News 



  1. Kate's Club, a Georgia nonprofit, will be expanding services to Athens, Ga.

Kate's Club, a Georgia nonprofit, is set to receive the U.S. Surgeon General's Medallion for Health, becoming the first organization in the state to be awarded this honor. The nonprofit provides group-based recreational therapy to grieving children in the Atlanta area, expanding its services to Athens and rural areas of Georgia later this year. The award recognizes Kate's Club's excellence in the public health field. Grief is a common form of childhood trauma, affecting over 220,000 kids in Georgia. Kate's Club offers support and coping skills for grieving children, as well as training for adults on how to respond to a child's grief. They are hosting a Community Day program in Athens on September 30 to provide therapeutic and recreational activities for children and families………This is from the Athens-Banner Herald 




From the Athens-Clarke County News facebook Page 

Tiffany ThaChange posted a video and wrote “Accident on Vine Street. Georgia State Patrol hit an Illegal pit move on a truck carrying Two Child and Two Adults. East Side Wake Up. When I asked the Sergeant what exactly happened I was told to request an Open Records Request. They feel like they're above the law!! I'm demanding justice.” 


Others Commented:  

Tommy Simmons “Why were they running? If you demand justice then find out why they didn't just pull over?” 


Sim Doster “What made it illegal?” 


Ryan Russell “The driver should've stopped when the lights and siren came on. So many people blame the police. The driver must have refused to stop so the trooper had to end the pursuit before they got into a busy part of town.” 


Beatrice Kaiser “The state patrol officer was following protocol when he said to file an open records request. I’m white and I’ve been given the same response. I live on the East side and I’m white. We do not seem to be a priority so I hear you” 



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