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News Minute: Former Cherokee County deputy indicted, charged with sex assault of inmates

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A former deputy of the Cherokee Sheriff's Office accused of sexually assaulting an inmate has been indicted by a grand jury, with counts alleging an assault of a second inmate.

Richard Gilleland, a former officer at the Cherokee County jail, is charged with four counts each of of sexual assault against an inmate at a correctional facility and violation of oath by a public officer, according to the indictment filed Dec. 12.

The indictment charges Gilleland with two sexual assaults of two different inmates in May 2019.

In June 2019, the sheriff’s office arrested Gilleland and charged him with two counts of sexual assault against a person in custody and related charges to alleged assault of one of the inmates. The sheriff’s office reported at the time that two inmates had made complaints about Gilleland, but in one of the cases his conduct did not rise to the level of a crime, though he had violated department policy.

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