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Mill Creek High School senior wins national news literacy student of the year award

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GDP Script/ Top Stories for Wednesday June 7th

Publish Date: Tuesday June 6

From the Henssler Financial Studio Welcome to the Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast

Today is Wednesday June 7th , and happy 71st birthday to actor Liam Neeson



I’m Bruce Jenkins and here are your top stories presented by Peggy Slappey Properties

  1. Mill Creek High School senior wins national news literacy student of the year award
  2. A Rabid cat found in Dacula area
  3. And Gwinnett leaders will unveil draft plans for transportation and transit improvements at public meetings


Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles markets joins us to talk about fiber

Plus, we visit with Leah McGrath from Ingles markets about cutting back on sugar

All of this and more is coming up on the Gwinnett Daily Post podcast.


 Break 1 :  Peggy Slappey


       Story 1. student


Ana Sesma, a senior at Mill Creek High School, has been recognized for her views on the impact of social media on body image and mental health. She believes that social media spreads misinformation by creating unrealistic expectations about how a person should look. As the recipient of the Gwen Ifill Student of the Year Award, Sesma emphasizes the importance of news literacy, especially for teenagers, to counteract biases and misinformation. She advocates for analyzing sources and content, identifying bias, and seeking multiple perspectives. Sesma's understanding of media and information dissemination has been praised by her teacher, Erin Wilder. She has also participated in the voting process and values being news literate as it allows for understanding different perspectives and meaningful conversations. The News Literacy Project honored Sesma along with other Change-Maker Award recipients for their contributions to promoting news literacy in America and creating a more informed and equitable democracy.....get more on this story at gwinnettdailypost.com


STORY 2: cat


Residents in eastern Gwinnett County are being warned about a cat that tested positive for rabies in the Dacula area. The cat, which attacked a person, was captured and tested by Gwinnett Animal Welfare and Enforcement officers. Officials are urging caution and advising residents to avoid animals behaving unusually. They stress the importance of vaccinating pets against rabies, as the disease can be transmitted through bites or scratches from wild animals. Unvaccinated dogs and cats exposed to rabies must be quarantined and vaccinated. Rabies is a serious disease that affects the nervous system and can be fatal if not treated. In case of exposure, immediate medical attention should be sought, and authorities should be notified. The public is advised to report any unusual animal behavior and to refrain from keeping wild animals as pets. Additional tips include regular pet vaccinations, containing pets within property boundaries, and avoiding leaving garbage or pet food outside to prevent attracting wildlife.


Story 3: leaders


Gwinnett County officials will host a meeting to present the draft versions of Gwinnett's Comprehensive Transportation Plan and Transit Development Plan updates. The meeting aims to gather public feedback on proposed changes to the county's transportation network and transit system. The update process, driven by public and stakeholder input, focuses on improving connectivity with the metro Atlanta region and addressing regional growth. Five public meetings will be held between June 10 and June 14 at various locations, providing residents with an opportunity to discuss the draft plans. For more information, residents can visit GwinnettTransportation.com.


STORY 4: Vice Chair


Gwinnett County's Commission Chairwoman, Nicole Love Hendrickson, has been appointed as the vice chairwoman of the Economic Development and Transportation Policy Committee by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). This position allows Hendrickson to play a key role in shaping economic development and transportation policies for counties across the state. Working alongside the committee chairwoman, Douglas County Commissioner Tarenia Carthan, Hendrickson will focus on addressing economic and transportation issues through progressive policies and strategies. The committee examines tax and investment policies, workforce development ideas, and recommends changes at the local, state, and federal levels. This appointment highlights Gwinnett County's influence in state and regional policymaking………….we’ll be right back

Break 2:  M.O.G. - Tom Wages - then Obits


Story 5: chamber (Fos-Kay)


Former Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque has joined the Gwinnett Chamber as the new vice president of economic development, overseeing Partnership Gwinnett. With over 20 years of experience in corporate business roles and a background in public service, Fosque brings valuable expertise to her new role. She replaces Andrew Carnes and will lead economic development recruitment efforts. Fosque's experience includes work in strategic planning consulting, process improvement initiatives, and project management strategies. As a former county commissioner, she was involved in zoning matters, budgetary policies, and infrastructure issues. Fosque's appointment is expected to contribute to the economic success of Gwinnett County.


Story 6: Bae


Collins Hill alum Jenny Bae, a senior at the University of Georgia and a three-time All-American golfer, has been awarded the 2023 Inkster Award by Workday. This prestigious award is presented to the highest-ranked women's Division I collegiate golfer in her final year of eligibility. The award is named after Juli Inkster, a renowned LPGA legend. Bae, who finished the season as the fourth-ranked golfer in Golfstat and fifth-ranked in Golfweek rankings, will receive several benefits as the Inkster Award winner. She will have the opportunity to compete in the 2023 Portland Classic on the LPGA Tour and advance to the second stage of LPGA Q-School. Workday, as the presenting sponsor, will provide $50,000 to support Bae's transition to her professional golf career, including a mentorship retreat with Juli Inkster.


Story 7: Johnson


Wes Johnson, the pitching coach for LSU, has been appointed as the head baseball coach at the University of Georgia. The announcement was made by Bulldogs athletic director Josh Brooks. Johnson will continue coaching LSU until their season is complete, as they are still in the NCAA Tournament. Johnson has a successful track record in developing student-athletes and achieving impressive results. He previously served as a pitching coach in the Southeastern Conference and became the first college pitching coach to move directly to the Major Leagues when he joined the Minnesota Twins in 2018. Johnson expressed his excitement about leading the Georgia baseball program and thanked LSU for their support as they pursue a national championship this season……back with more in a moment



Break 3:  Lawrenceville -  Ingles 8 – GCPS


Story 8: Leah


And Now, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins us to talk about fiber




Back with final thoughts after this


Break 4: Gen Expo -  Henssler 60

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