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'Micro transit' software expected to reduce wait times for bus service in Cherokee County

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'Micro transit' software expected to reduce wait times for bus service in Cherokee County

From the Ingles Studio this is your news minute on the Cherokee Tribune Ledger Podcast presented by Powers Electrical Solutions. Today is Thursday, September 7th and I'm Keith Ippolito.

Cherokee County officials have approved the purchase of "micro transit" software from Ecolane USA to improve bus services provided by the Cherokee Area Transportation Service (CATS). This new software will initiate a pilot program aimed at enhancing service efficiency and reducing wait times for passengers. The program will start in the Canton fixed route service area, replacing the existing underperforming fixed route service. The software is expected to reduce wait times from over an hour to just 20-25 minutes. Passengers will be able to schedule trips based on their specific needs, eliminating the need to adhere to predetermined schedules and stops. The program will also offer flexible payment options. The initial cost is nearly 500,000 dollars over five years, with the Federal Transit Administration covering 80% of the expenses. County officials anticipate significant improvements to the local transportation system. The rollout date is yet to be determined, and more details will be available after an upcoming kickoff meeting with Ecolane.

For more news about our community, visit tribuneledgernews.com. For the Tribune Ledger Podcast I'm Keith Ippolito

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