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Meet Mount Vernon's 2023 valedictorian and salutatorian

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From the Henssler Financial studio Welcome to the Northside Neighbor Podcast

Today is Wednesday, May 24th, and happy 50th birthday to Bartolo Colon

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I’m Bruce Jenkins and here are your top stories presented by Drake Realty


  1. Meet Mount Vernon's 2023 valedictorian and salutatorian


  1. Founder of Atlanta-based restaurant group brings coastal-inspired cuisine to Buckhead Village


  1. And a Proposal to help first responders, teachers to buy first home


Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins us to talk about cutting back on sugar in our diet


These stories and more are coming up in today’s edition of the Northside Neighbor Podcast.


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STORY 1: Mt vernon


The Mount Vernon School has announced Benjamin Reagin as the valedictorian and Campbell Bruening as the salutatorian of the 2023 graduating class. Valedictorian Benjamin Reagin is an accomplished student who excels both academically and in extracurricular activities. He is a member of the school's Esports team, founder of the Wii Club, an avid tennis player, and a self-taught pianist. Reagin's favorite subject is science, and he has been awarded the Zell Miller Scholarship to pursue a major in biomedical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He credits his success to effective time management and a balanced approach to academics and athletics. Salutatorian Campbell Bruening is recognized for her leadership skills and community impact. She founded and presided over the Charity For Kids Club and received the National Charity League Yellow Rosebud Award. Bruening was also involved in various school activities, including serving as the Student Events Prefect, participating in varsity soccer and volleyball, and being a member of the National Honor Society. Her favorite memory at Mount Vernon was a senior retreat that fostered deeper connections among her classmates while accomplishing important tasks like college applications.


STORY 2. Carmel


Tal Baum, the founder of Atlanta's Oliva Restaurant Group, has opened her sixth restaurant concept called Carmel in Buckhead Village. Carmel offers a full-service dining experience with a coastal atmosphere, inviting guests for lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch, as well as pastries and coffee. Inspired by California, the Yucatan Peninsula, and Baum's upbringing on the Mediterranean coast, Carmel serves bold, seasonal dishes created by Executive Chef Luis Guevara Salgado, who hails from Acapulco, Mexico. The menus feature fresh fish, seafood, unique meats, and produce, showcasing Baum's and Salgado's interpretations of coastal cuisine. The cocktail menu and wine list highlight signature drinks from coasts around the world. On weekends, a DJ provides entertainment in the bar area. Oliva Restaurant Group is renowned for its popular Atlanta eateries, including Bellina Alimentari, Atrium, Aziza, Falafel Nation, and Rina.


STORY 3:  Proposal

***Audio Defying Gravity***

U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff of Georgia is co-sponsoring the "HELPER Act of 2023" with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. This proposed federal legislation aims to make it easier for first responders and teachers to purchase homes in the communities where they work. The act would establish a new Federal Housing Administration home loan program, enabling first-time homebuyers among these professionals to secure a down payment-free mortgage. Ossoff emphasized that mortgage underwriters would still assess the loan's viability. The legislation addresses the challenge of home affordability faced by public servants and seeks to attract and retain talented personnel in essential roles. The program is modeled after a similar initiative for veterans. While the exact cost to taxpayers is not specified, the legislation authorizes specific funding amounts for each fiscal year. The aim is to invest in the future of these professionals and enable them to live in or near the communities they serve. ….. We’ll be right back


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STORY Old Document


The late historian Franklin Garrett identified Benjamin Plaster's last will and testament as the oldest document in DeKalb County, which is significant due to the historical boundaries of Buckhead and Atlanta falling within DeKalb until 1853. Plaster, one of the early settlers in Buckhead, left behind a will that survived a courthouse fire in 1842, potentially indicating its re-filing. Plaster, a veteran of the War of 1812, received land in the area for his military service. His will bequeathed land, property, and slaves to his wife and children. The location of the Plaster family cemetery, which holds historical significance, remains a mystery despite efforts to locate it.



And now, Lia McGrath from Ingles Markets join us to talk about grocery store prices



We’ll be back in a moment…


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STORY 5: 988 

Georgians living in rural communities have been reaching out to the national suicide prevention hotline at higher rates, indicating a need for assistance. Although the overall suicide rate has declined, rural areas in Georgia have seen an increase. Lack of access to care and services, coupled with higher stigma, contribute to this issue. The implementation of 988, the national three-digit dialing code for mental health emergencies, aims to reduce stigma and improve access. Georgia is recognized as a leader with its Crisis and Access Line and mobile crisis program. However, funding challenges persist, with some cuts to administrative support and salary increases for mental health professionals. Despite setbacks, the state plans to conduct a marketing campaign to gauge the impact on call volume and inform future budget requests.

Story 6: Jurassic

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as "Jurassic World: The Exhibition" arrives in Atlanta. Opening on May 26 at Pullman Yards, this 25,000-square-foot exhibition brings the blockbuster movie to life with life-size dinosaurs. Visitors can walk through the iconic "Jurassic World" gates, stand under the towering Brachiosaurus, meet the Velociraptor, and face the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. The exhibition, produced in collaboration with Universal Live Entertainment, NEON, and Animax Designs, has attracted nearly five million visitors worldwide since 2016. Atlanta marks its first appearance in the city. Tickets start at $21.99, and timed-entry tickets are required. Don't miss this immersive experience. Visit Jurassicworldexhibition.com for more information and ticket purchases.

We’ll have closing comments after this….

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