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Life sentence for mother of toddler found dead in Chattahoochee

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MDJ Script/ Top Stories for July22nd Saturday

Publish Date: July 21 Friday


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From the Henssler Financial Studio, Welcome to the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast

Today is Saturday July 22nd and happy 59th birthday to comedian/actor David Spade


I’m Dan Radcliffe and here are the stories Cobb is talking about, presented by Credit Union of Georgia

1. Life sentence for mother of toddler found dead in Chattahoochee

2. Banks calls for Cobb school board to cut tax rate further

3. And Marietta approves conversion of Motel 6 into apartments


Plus, Brian Giffin talks with Kim Scofi, President and CEO of United Military Care, about the upcoming We Care Veteran’s Fair coming up in a couple weeks at the Cobb Civic Center (SCOH-fee)

All of this and more is coming up on the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast.

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STORY 1: river


In a tragic case, Breyanla Lachuan Cooper of Stone Mountain was convicted of murdering her 19-month-old son, Faheem, by leaving him in the Chattahoochee River. She pleaded guilty to malice murder, aggravated assault, and concealing the death. As a result, Cooper was sentenced to life in prison by Cobb Superior Court Judge Kellie Hill. The incident came to light when Faheem's lifeless body was found in the river on July 1, 2021, after a firefighter noticed something floating in the water. Cooper initially claimed her son was kidnapped, but surveillance footage and GPS data from her car disproved her story. It is a heart-wrenching case, leaving the family and community devastated...................……... Read more about this at mdjonline.com


Story 2: banks


During a school board work session, David Banks, a longtime Cobb school board member, expressed his desire to cut the school district's millage rate by 0.5 mills, which was more than the proposed reduction of 0.2 mills by Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. Banks considered the proposed reduction as the largest tax increase in Cobb County history and felt he could not support it. However, the chief financial officer clarified that a larger reduction would result in significant revenue loss, equivalent to cutting 1,100 teachers. The board eventually voted on the 0.2-mill reduction, and Ragsdale considered it necessary to attract and retain great teachers for quality education. Banks remained opposed, expressing concerns about the impact on minorities and some residents avoiding taxes through exemptions.


Story 3: motel 6


The Marietta City Council approved a proposal to convert the Motel 6 on Delk Road into apartments. Developer 5th Street Capital Partners presented the conversion as an opportunity to improve public safety and provide affordable housing. The council initially voted in favor of the proposal but was vetoed by Mayor Steve Tumlin. After further discussion, Councilman Joseph Goldstein joined supporters to override the veto. The developer plans to add security measures such as one-year leases, background checks, and security cameras to reduce crime at the property. The decision was supported by those advocating for more affordable housing in the area.


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STORY 4: judge


A federal judge ruled that the Cobb County School District cannot be held liable in a lawsuit filed by a group of parents and left-leaning groups, alleging racial gerrymandering in the new school board map. However, the judge denied the Cobb Board of Elections' request to dismiss the claim against them. Consequently, the Board of Elections is the only remaining defendant in the case. The lawsuit, filed by civil rights groups and parents, claimed that the map disenfranchised voters of color. The judge found the school district immune from liability, but the case against the Board of Elections will proceed.


STORY 5: habitat


Habitat for Humanity of NW Metro Atlanta and the Cobb Interfaith Habitat Coalition have begun construction on their 22nd annual Habitat house in Mableton. Faith groups, including various churches and Islamic centers, and corporate partners are participating in the build. The future homeowner, Vernita, has worked as a general manager at McDonald's for 21 years and is eager to have a place to call home. The Habitat program's affordable homeownership opportunity made this dream possible for her. The coalition's motto is "We Build to Coexist, We Coexist to Build," emphasizing unity and faith in action.


Story 6: cunane


Mount Paran Christian softball player Katie Cunane is set to travel to Cuba with an American travel ball team to compete in the Copi Amistad event in Havana. Cunane sees this as an opportunity to embrace the moment and use it as a mission trip to help people in need in Cuba. Despite conflicting with the opening of the 2023 high school season, she is excited to experience a new country and play softball with her team. The event aims to have American players face players from the junior Olympic and senior Olympic national teams from Cuba and South Korea. Cunane is eager to learn about Cuban culture and softball while giving back to those with limited access to softball equipment.


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Story 7: UMC


And now, Brian Giffin talks with Kim Scofi, President and CEO od United Military Care about the upcoming We Care Veterans Fair on August 4th and 5th


***UMC Ivw***


We’re back with final thoughts after this



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