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Lawrenceville and Georgia Gwinnett College officials unveil Grizzly Parkway signs

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From the Henssler Financial Studio this is your news minute on the Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast presented by Engineered Solutions of Georgia. Today is Thursday August 10th and I'm Brian GiffinLawrenceville's college corridor is getting a new identity with street signs reflecting a creative shift. Mayor David Still and Georgia Gwinnett College President Jann Joseph have introduced a name change from the Collins Hill Extension to Grizzly Parkway. This renaming pays homage to the college's mascot, the grizzly bear, and its moniker "Grizzlies" for students and alumni. The fresh signs, now being installed, symbolize this connection between the corridor and the college's spirited identity. This move reflects a harmonious blend of local pride and college spirit, enhancing the area's character......for more on this story, visit gwinnettdailypost.com. For the Daily Post Podcast I'm Brian Giffin

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