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Labor board rules union election can proceed at Creature Comforts in Athens

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Athens News Podcast: 9/3/23 

  1. Labor board rules union election can proceed at Creature Comforts in Athens: 

The National Labor Relations Board announced that a union vote can proceed among Creature Comforts brewery employees in Athens. The actual voting date is yet to be determined. Both the Brewers' Union of Georgia and Creature Comforts management can propose election dates by September 7. The board conducted a hearing to address the eligibility of certain employees to vote, following objections from management. The brewery, established in 2014 in Athens and known for beers like Classic City Lager, has expanded and plans to open a taproom in Los Angeles. Allegations of management interference in union efforts have previously arisen, leading to a board ruling in favor of the union based on employee testimony.........This from the Athens-Banner Herald 


  1. ACC Board of Elections vote on recommended polling locations: 

The Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections is set to vote on recommended voting locations for the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary Election, scheduled for March 12, 2024. The election regarding these locations will occur on September 12 at the Athens-Clarke County Planning Auditorium. Proposed changes involve adjusting precinct boundary lines, relocating six polling stations within precincts, and adding a new polling station due to redevelopment and parking issues. Affected voters will receive new precinct cards 90 days before the primary election. Proposed sites were chosen based on work sessions, public hearings, and census data. Objections to changes should be submitted to the Board before the September 12 voting session..........This from the Red and Black 


  1. Georgia has interesting lineup decisions to make for opener: 

Georgia football players who had been sidelined due to injuries are returning to practice, including running backs Daijun Edwards and Kendall Milton. Edwards (MCL sprain) is practicing at full speed, albeit non-contact, and Milton (hamstring) has resumed practice without a non-contact jersey. The decision to play these players and others with minor injuries in the upcoming game against Tennessee-Martin remains uncertain. The Bulldogs are facing a less challenging opponent, and they could opt for a cautious approach considering the upcoming season. The team's focus is on execution rather than outcomes, as they are introducing several first-time starters in various positions...........This from KDH News 


  1. Athens hip hop and indie rock artists unite for free benefit concert. Here's the lineup: 

Fortyfest, an event at the 40-Watt Club, is celebrating Historic Athens Executive Director Tommy Valentine's 40th birthday with a lineup of Athens-based musicians. Over 17 artists will perform at the six-hour concert, covering diverse music genres. Admission is free with a donation of any amount to local nonprofit Nuçi's Space, which focuses on musician health and suicide prevention. Broadway singer Calvin Orlando Smith and Athens Music Walk of Fame inductee Ishues will co-headline, along with R&B artist Cassie Chantel, indie pop artist Nicholas Mallis, and rocker T. Hardy Morris. The event features additional performances from veteran and recent Athens acts. Valentine, previously a notable hip hop promoter and rapper, is being celebrated for his contributions to the local music scene...........This from the Athens-Banner Herald 


  1. Fred Smith Sr.’s decades-long fight against the crisis in Black education in Athens: 

The Athens Area Human Relations Council hosts the Youth Pow Wow annually, in collaboration with the Crisis in Black Education initiative, to address the widening achievement gap in Athens-Clarke County. The event, held at Clarke Central High School, aims to bridge the gap between students, parents, community leaders, and educators. Attendees received shirts and bags with the slogan "It starts with Me: Cultivating a Beloved Community Mindset to Transform Unjust Systems." The initiative focuses on raising awareness and fostering conversations about improving educational outcomes for Black students. Despite legal efforts like the Every Student Succeeds Act, racial justice remains a critical factor in addressing the issue. Fred Smith Sr., a community activist, emphasizes understanding the history of Black education and activism as part of the solution. The Crisis in Black Education Summit facilitates discussions among educators, students, and parents, serving as a starting point for addressing the issue.........This from the Red and Black 


  1. UGA camp reimagines learning for young students in Athens: 

The University of Georgia's Summer Academy (SAUGA) introduced SAUGA Jr., a STEAM-focused summer camp, thanks to grant funding from the Bobbi Meeler Sahm Service and Outreach Award. The camp targeted elementary and early middle-schoolers, including students from Alps Road Elementary and Clarke County Middle schools. The program aimed to engage students in active learning while developing critical skills affected by the pandemic. SAUGA Jr. connected UGA with the Athens community, offering STEAM investigations on topics like space, animals, habitats, and biodiversity. UGA students took leadership roles as instructors and curriculum designers, gaining valuable experience for their future teaching careers. The camp aimed to inspire students' curiosity and readiness for classroom learning in the fall.........This from WGAU 


  1. Federal judge rules Rudy Giuliani defamed Georgia election workers; trial awaits on damages: 

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's campaign lawyer for the 2020 election, has been ruled liable for defaming two Georgia election workers by making false accusations about their handling of ballots. A federal judge's decision permits the case to proceed to trial for determining damages. Giuliani's concession that he made false statements didn't prevent the case from progressing. The judge found him liable for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, and punitive damage claims. Giuliani has been ordered to reimburse the workers for legal fees. The lawsuit emerged from accusations made by Giuliani about mishandling of ballots during the 2020 election.........This from the Athens-Banner Herald 






Star Greeson posted “If this is your truck parked on the side of Weymanda Ct, congratulations you have prevented people from being able to back out of their driveway. Your truck doesn't even look like it belongs in this cove as it's all college kids in the cove. If you or someone you know lives on Weymanda Ct please know this is not a parking spot. You park here we are unable to back out of our driveway.” 


What the picture looked like: There was a truck with a pull behind trailer and it was in front of the house. 



Nikki Tobias “Call the police and let them try to find the owner or have it towed” 


Cole Chambers “I don’t see the driveway” 


Katie Rorrer Green “Our sweet neighbors put up cones directly across the street from our driveway when they have people over once a week. The first time it happened, someone parked directly across from our driveway and my teenager hit the mailbox trying to avoid the car.” 


Kennyncrystal Alford “#1 rule don't block driveways unless u prepared for a tow bill” 

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