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Gwinnett school board adopts new GCPS health curriculum — without controversial sex education change

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The Gwinnett County Board of Education has made the decision to adopt a new health curriculum without including a proposed controversial sex education course of instruction. This means there will be a split between the district's health and sex education curriculums, despite the original plan to use one provider for both. The health curriculum will be taught using HealthSmart, while Choosing the Best will remain the sex education curriculum for the time being. There was some confusion among board members regarding the timeline for selecting a new curriculum, but it was confirmed that Choosing the Best will continue to be used. The controversy surrounding the proposed sex education curriculum revolves around concerns about promoting abstinence and addressing gender identity. Some parents have cited the success of Choosing the Best in reducing STD rates and teen pregnancies in the county. Board members hold different views on the matter, with some advocating for the use of Choosing the Best and others looking forward to the review process for a new sex education curriculum.

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