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Grammy Nominated Tauren Wells Comes to Dallas:

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Paulding County News Podcast Wednesday Aug 27, 2023 

  1. Grammy Nominated Tauren Wells Comes to Dallas: 

The final Food Truck Friday of the season is set for September 15 at 6 pm in downtown Dallas. This event features a significant concert marking the end of summer and the start of fall festivities. If you haven't attended before, organizers encourage you, your family, and friends to join for a fantastic night of celebration. The event is free, and attendees are advised to bring their own chairs or blankets. The headline performer for the evening is Tauren Wells, a highly acclaimed recording artist with numerous accolades including GRAMMY nominations, chart-topping hits, millions of video views, Dove Awards, and a significant global streaming presence........... This from the Dallas New Era #garmmynominated #TaurenWells #Foodtruckfriday #finalofseason #lastofseason #fallfestitites #september15 #headlineperformer #evenisfree #freeevent #bringchairsandblankets #starttimesis6pm #6pmstart  

  1. Trump Bond Set At $200K In Georgia Racketeering Case: Report 

Former President Donald J. Trump has been granted a $200,000 bond in connection with racketeering charges related to the 2020 presidential election. Four of his 18 co-defendants also received bonds. Trump's campaign attorneys John Eastman and Kenneth Chesebro were granted $100,000 consent bonds, while Atlanta bail bondsman Scott Hall received a $10,000 consent bond, and Atlanta Attorney Ray Smith III was granted a $50,000 bond. Eastman, charged with racketeering, has special conditions for his bond. Hall is accused of a scheme involving voting machines, and Smith faces multiple charges including violating the RICO Act. Negotiations include Trump's surrender and arraignment on racketeering charges......... This from the Dallas-Hiram Patch  #presidentdonaldjtrump #grantedbond #200,000bone #chargesrelatedto2020election #accusedofschemevotingmachines #RICOAct #trumpssurrender  


  1. Notice of property tax increase: 

The City of Dallas is considering a property tax increase and invites citizens to a Public Hearing about it. The hearing will take place at Dallas City Hall Council Chambers on August 31, 2023, at 6pm. Additional hearings are scheduled for September 12 at 10am and September 21 at 5:15pm, all at the same location. The proposed tax increase will be discussed during these sessions.......... This from the Dallas New Era #propertytaxincrease #increaseof tax #invitescitizens #publichearing #dallascityhall #councilchambers #august31st #6pm #additionalhearing #september12 #10am #september 21 #5:15pm #proposedincreasediscussed #discussedatsessions 


  1. Paulding sheriff's office: 

The Paulding County Sheriff's Office participated in a ceremony to name an intersection in honor of fallen Cobb County Sheriff's Office Deputy Marshall Samual Ervin, Jr. Deputy Ervin and his partner Deputy Jonathan Koleski were tragically murdered in September. The intersection at GA 92 and East Paulding Drive will now bear the name "Deputy Marshall Samual Ervin, Jr. Memorial Intersection." Senator Jason Anavitarte and State Representative Joseph Gullett were acknowledged for their efforts in making this tribute possible........... This from The Paulding Sheriff's office #PCSO #pauldingcountysheriffsofice #sheriffsoffice #murderedinseptember #partnermurdered #ceromonytonameanintersection #honorfallencobbcountysheriff’sofficedeputy #GA92andeastpauldingdrive #acknowledgeefforts 




Starting off this week we have two 50% chance of rainy days to try and cool you off but then the heat and humidity just go up by the end of the week. Sounds like a perfect day to take an ice bath with the heat index possibly getting over 100 degrees!! It might be a good weekend to just stay inside watch a movie with lots of fans and AC running! #rainystaringoff #sunny #humid #tryingtostaycool #highheatindex #over100 #AC 


  1. Judge blocks Georgia ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors 


A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction against part of a new Georgia law that bans doctors from providing hormone therapy for transgender individuals under 18. U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Geraghty ruled in favor of several transgender children, parents, and an advocacy group challenging the ban. The injunction blocks enforcement of the ban on hormone therapy until further court orders or a trial. The judge cited the potential harm to transgender minors, including risks of depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation, as outweighing any harm to the state from the injunction. This decision follows a trend of legal battles over similar bans in other states........ This from AP News #federaljudge #injunction #preliminary #newgalaw #transgendertransgender #advocacygroup #injunctionblocks #potentialharm #transgenderminors #legalbattles  


  1. Georgia Peach Production  

Weather conditions in significant peach-producing states like California, South Carolina, and Georgia have influenced peach crops both locally and nationally. The National Agricultural Statistics Service, represented by Lance Honig, highlights how weather factors played a role in affecting the peach harvest across these states and the entire country............. This from USDA Media (include voice over from website: https://www.usda.gov/media/radio/daily-newsline/2023-08-23/not-peach-forecast-production) #peachproduction #georiapeach #georgiapeaches #weatherconditions #locallyandnationally #weatherfactors  

Weird news: 

  1. Georgia Man Arrested for Stealing His Neighbors’ Entire Front Porch 

A man in Georgia is facing a felony charge for allegedly stealing a complete wooden porch from his neighbor. The porch owner stated that despite the abandoned appearance of his property, the porch and other items were not available for taking. The porch, valued at $3,000, was approximately 8' by 10' and not attached to a home at the time of the theft. The accused, Robin Swanger, reportedly ignored "no trespassing" signs and took the porch. Deputies had been searching for Swanger due to suspicions of theft when they were called to his home for a domestic disturbance, resulting in additional charges of domestic violence and battery...... This from Fox 5 #georgiaman #facingfelony #allegedlystealing #completeporch #woodenoporch #abandonapearance #notavailablefortaking #notresspacing #additionalcharges #domesticviolenceandbatter #attatchedtoahone #domesticdisturbance  

  1. 'T. rexes' race to photo finish at Washington state track 


More than 200 people participated in the 2023 T-Rex World Championships at Emerald Downs, a live horse racing track near Seattle, where they ran a 100-yard dash dressed in inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costumes. The event, initially a pest control company's team-building activity, saw a close finish with three competitors crossing the finish line together. Ocean Kim from Hawaii emerged as the winner, followed by Colton Winegar of Idaho and Seth Hirschi of Renton. The T. rex-themed event celebrates the prehistoric creature's popularity fueled by Hollywood's "Jurassic Park" movies, despite the fact that the actual T. rex lived around 65-67 million years ago........ This from Local 10 #trexrace #rexyrace #prehistoric #creatures #hollywood’s #jurassicpark #65-67millionyearsago #trexworldchampionships #100yarddash #idaho 


Here are some things you're talking about: Call us with your thoughts or story at 404.997-8655 

From Georgia Folk and Farm Life: 

Wade Peebles “Almost every brand and every type of store-bought pickles no longer use the word "pickle" on their label. Now, don't go check this out in your refrigerator unless your pickles were bought very recently, as this is a fairly new phenomena.  

But if you go to your local supermarket and peruse the "pickles," you will see pickles of all kinds described as "spears," "chips," "sweet," or "gherkins," or "dill," etc., but the word pickle is no longer there. Pickle companies will not give a reason for dropping the word pickle from their labels.  

That is odd, and it seems they all made the change to abandon the word, "pickle," at about the same time. If you don't believe me, head down to the Piggly Wiggly and see for yourself, and report back to us, please. I know some of you think I am pulling your leg, but this is absolutely true.” 


People commented: 


Marcus Toole “Marketing consultants have to earn their keep somehow.” 

Debbie Vaughn Cole “I guess the word pickle is no longer politically correct! I wonder who was offended by it????” 

Sue Betts Trammell “A pickle, by any other name, is still a pickle.” 

Darby Gates “When the corporations are jarring up fake ingredients, it's fitting they give them all fake names. Now--go look at your meat in the grocery store. Where does it say "beef", "chicken", "pork"…" 

Nathan Johnson “#picklesdontexist apparently, it happened in 2017” 

#pickles #companiestookpicklesoff #jarsarenew #whosoffended #localgrocerystore #checkitoutyourself #2017picklesdontexist #spears #chips #sweet #gherkins #dill  


From What's Happening in Paulding County: 

Laura Courington “Briar Patch is closed permanently! Who’s happy and who’s sad about it?” 


Pattie Battin “I've always heard mostly negative things about that place (bad food, terrible service, small dining room compared to the kitchen size), and the car line to get into the parking lot was almost always into the street when I drove by. Because of this, I could never really bring myself to go.” 


Seth King “never really like the people so i’m indifferent” 


Gaby Stoneburner “the only thing decent there is the ranch” 


Taylor Downey “They couldn't have closed because of money because cheap food and only paying 9$ an hour to employees must have been making a good profit. Ican say this is one place that never raised the pay for today's cost of living.. briar patch make 9 or 10 an hour or McDonald's 12 starting or chickfila 17 starting.. I'm surprised they even had folks willing to work with the crappy pay” 


Jana Ragsdale “It’s very sad that they closed. I will miss their specials. Prayers for their family. 

Also, very disappointed in all these rude and immature comments about a local business and family.” 

#briarpatch #bbq #BBQ #resturant #closeddown #ranch #familyowned #isitthatbad #pay #chhepfood #neverlikedthepeople #whossad #whoeshappy #negativethings #somepositive 



This Past Wednesday was national poll worker recruitment day! If you would like to be a poll worker contact Paulding County Elections @ 770-443-7503  

Disney trivia @bucking goat brewing company “Disney Trivia 
4 rounds, 5 questions per round 
family friendly 
We will post the list of movies included one week before the trivia” 

September 2 - Dallas Farmers Market 


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