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Friends remember legendary Georgia journalist Bill Shipp

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MDJ Script/ Top Stories for July13th Wednesday

Publish Date: July 12 Tuesday


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From the Henssler Financial Studio, Welcome to the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast

Today is Thursday July 13th and happy 80th birthday to actor Harrison Ford

***Ford 80***

I’m Dan Radcliffe and here are the stories Cobb is talking about, presented by Credit Union of Georgia

1. Friends remember legendary Georgia journalist Bill Shipp

2. Cobb CFO defends proposed tax rate amid residents' complaints

3. And Mableton Mayor urges patience as council prepares to meet for training

Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets talks with Bruce Jenkins about soil, and Brian Giffin

Has our weekly segment with Matt DeBusschere, the Marietta Food guy


Plus All of this and more is coming up on the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast.


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STORY 1 Shipp


Bill Shipp, a renowned journalist born in Marietta, Georgia, passed away at the age of 89. Over his five-decade career, Shipp covered the civil rights movement and numerous political campaigns. He was known as the most influential political journalist in Georgia and the Southeast. Shipp began his career at WGAU radio station and The Red & Black newspaper at the University of Georgia. He faced controversy for advocating for integration and the admission of an African-American student, leading to his expulsion from UGA. Shipp later worked for the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal. He was respected for his investigative reporting, fearlessly challenging politicians with his sharp wit. Shipp's scoops included breaking the news of Jimmy Carter's presidential aspirations. Despite initial clashes, Shipp formed close friendships with colleagues like Dick Yarbrough..............……... Read more about this at mdjonline.com


Story 2: tax


Residents of Cobb County expressed their dissatisfaction with the proposed millage rate during a public hearing. The proposed rates for the general fund and fire fund in the 2024 budget are the same as last year's, but due to rising property values, homeowners would still face increased property taxes. Residents argued that higher property taxes would worsen affordability issues for homebuyers and renters. Concerns were raised about increasing rents and the lack of affordable housing options. The county's Chief Financial Officer, Bill Volckmann, compared Cobb County's rates to other major counties in the Atlanta metro area, highlighting that Cobb has the lowest millage rate and tied for the lowest sales tax rate. The county's Chairwoman, Lisa Cupid, defended the tax policy, stating that it favors homeownership but acknowledged the challenges with diminishing housing inventory and increasing rents. The hearings will continue to gather public input on the millage rate.


Story 3: mayor


The City Council of Mableton, a recently established municipality, is set to receive three days of training from the Georgia Municipal Association. The training will cover various aspects of running a city, including team building, municipal law, ethics, open meetings, municipal revenues, and more. The council will also hold a meeting to vote on an ordinance regulating hotels. The training was approved by the council, and the costs will be deferred until the following year. Additionally, the council passed several items creating the foundational elements of Mableton's code of ordinances, defined legal terms, and established rules for conducting business, policies, budgeting, and contracts. Franchise rights were granted to Austell Natural Gas System, and the council announced the establishment of a bank account for the city. The council members attended the GMA Convention, where they received support from other cities' officials. The city is in the process of setting up a website and distributing meeting agendas in advance. The council asks for patience as they navigate the early stages of city governance.......read more on this story at mdjonline.com..........….


we’ll be right back


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STORY 4: documentary


Spencer Herron, a former teacher at Kell High School in Cobb County, Georgia, who was convicted of sexually assaulting one of his students, is the subject of a three-part ABC News documentary series titled "Betrayal: The Perfect Husband." The series, available for streaming on Hulu, is based on the podcast of the same name by Herron's ex-wife, Jenifer Faison, who discovered his infidelity and crimes in 2018. Faison produced the podcast and collaborated on the TV series to empower other victims. The final episode features the voice of the female student who accused Herron of assault. Herron pleaded guilty to sexual assault in 2019 and was sentenced to prison and probation. The series also sheds light on Herron's

extramarital affairs. He has since been released on parole but must register as a sex offender. The Cobb County School District expressed satisfaction with the justice served, emphasizing its commitment to student safety.



STORY 5: sewer


A sewer line in Cobb County, near East Cobb Park, experienced a structural failure, resulting in an overflow of sewer water into Sewell Mill Creek. The incident occurred on Friday near Pimlico Court in east Cobb. Approximately 152,750 gallons of sewer water overflowed into the creek. To address the issue, crews installed a bypass pump and stopped the overflow by early Saturday morning. Cobb County has notified the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and is following their protocols for such events. County staff is monitoring the bacteria levels in the creek, and residents are advised to avoid exposure to the creek at East Cobb Park and south of the park.


Story 6: truist


Atlanta is being considered as a potential host for the 2025 All-Star Game, according to Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred. This comes after the city lost the opportunity to host the 2021 Midsummer Classic due to controversy surrounding changes in Georgia's voting laws. Truist Park, the home stadium of the Atlanta Braves, is being considered as the potential venue for the 2025 game. Other sites under consideration include Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston. Atlanta previously hosted the All-Star Game in 1972 and 2000. The 2024 and 2026 games will be hosted by the Texas Rangers and Philadelphia, respectively..………we’re back, in a moment


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Story 7: LEAH-Food Guy


And now, Leah McGrath, corporate dietician at Ingles Markets talks with Bruce Jenkins about soil




And Brian Giffin has our weekly “Marietta Food Guy” segment


***Food Guy***


We’re back with final thoughts after this



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