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Former Newton County deputy faces aggravated assault charge

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Community Podcast 7-20-23 Thursday

 Publish Date 7-19-23 Wednesday

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From the Ingles Studio, Welcome to The Community Podcast.

This Podcast brings you the top stories from the Rockdale-Newton Citizen and the Morgan Citizen

   Today is Thursday, July 20th and happy 76th birthday to guitarist Carlos Santana


I’m Brian Giffin and here are your top stories presented by  Drake Realty


Former Newton County deputy faces aggravated assault charge


Georgia Supreme Court turns down case challenging Rivian’s $15 billion bond validation


And Justin Hipps announces bid for Newton County sheriff


Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins our Bruce Jenkins to talk about sugar substitutes


These stories and more are coming up in today’s edition of the Community Podcast for Rockdale, Newton, and Morgan Counties!


Break 1:  Drake


STORY 1: assault


Jamal Antonio Thornton, 31, was fired from the Sheriff's Office after being arrested for aggravated assault in Rockdale County. A 28-year-old woman reported that Thornton, her live-in boyfriend, woke her up at 2:30 a.m., accused her of cheating, and choked her. Deputies observed visible marks on her neck and shoulder. When officers confronted Thornton at their shared apartment, he denied any violent or angry behavior, claiming they were celebrating their shared birthday. Upon learning about his arrest, Thornton expressed his desire to be a police officer and claimed no previous criminal history. Thornton's department-issued gear was collected, and he was taken to the Rockdale County Jail on the aggravated assault charge.……. Stay up to date on this developing story at rockdalenewtoncitizen.com.


STORY 2:  rivian


The Georgia Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from the No2Rivian group, moving Rivian closer to obtaining approval for $15 billion in bonds to construct a $5 billion Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant spanning Morgan and Walton counties. The Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Joint Development Authority of Jasper, Morgan, Newton, and Walton Counties welcomed the court's decision, stating it upholds the bond agreement for the Rivian project. However, the No2Rivian movement, primarily comprising local property owners in Rutledge, expressed disappointment as they aimed to block the project to preserve the town's way of life and protect local resource.……..get more info on this at morgancountycitizen.com


Story 3 : hipps


Justin Hipps, an investigator with the Newton County District Attorney's Office, has announced his candidacy for Newton County sheriff in 2024. Hipps expressed his intention to bring change due to the alleged failures in leadership and recent reported tragedies involving the current sheriff's office, including an alleged rape committed by a deputy. With 18 years of law enforcement experience, including roles at the Newton County Sheriff's Office and the Lawrenceville Police Department, Hipps aims to restore public trust, provide effective law enforcement, and improve the level and quality of public safety in Newton County. He emphasizes his lifelong commitment to protecting and serving the community, with deep roots in the county...……….……We’ll be right back

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Story 4: pay


Covington's City Council has approved the second reading of an ordinance to increase the pay of the mayor and City Council members. The proposal, initially suggested by council member Susie Keck in June, will raise their compensation by 33%. However, Mayor Steve Horton, along with council members Fleeta Baggett and Don Floyd, opposed the pay increase. The new ordinance will raise council members' annual compensation from $9,000 to $12,000, and the mayor's compensation from $18,000 to $24,000. The increased pay, amounting to an additional $24,000 in the city's annual budget, will come into effect when the new mayor and council take office on January 1st.


Story 5: school


The sixth annual Back to School Rally will take place at Morgan County High School this Saturday, July 22. The event aims to assist students and families in preparing for the upcoming academic year by providing them with supplies and resources. Around 40 exhibitors will set up booths in the high school gymnasium, offering free backpacks, school supplies, and information about public resources available to families. The rally, organized by the Morgan County Family Connection, attracts hundreds of students and families each year. In addition to the distribution of supplies, attendees can enjoy games, activities, face-painting, fire truck tours, and a lively pep rally. The event aims to support and cheer on families as they start the new school year.


STORY 6: family


The Newton County Board of Commissioners Chairman, Marcello Banes, is expecting a significant turnout for this year's Family Fun Day. The free event will take place on Saturday, August 5, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Legion Field in Covington. Banes expressed his commitment to giving back to the community and mentioned that the event has been successful in the past, attracting over 4,000 attendees. Family Fun Day is funded through donations, including the use of Legion Field, which is provided by the city of Covington as a community partner. The event will feature free food, music, games, children's activities, and giveaways. Additionally, Banes and attorney Stephanie Lindsey are hosting a Back to School Bash Roll Call Concert on the same evening, specifically for local teachers and employees of the Newton County School System.



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STORY 7: Leah


And now, as promised, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins Bruce Jenkins to talk about sugar substitutes




Final thoughts after this


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