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IELTS Diverse Dialogues

Diverse Dialogues: Diverse Perspectives on Developing Opportunity and Equity

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Show Notes

IELTS USA believes that every student should have equal access and equitable resources to take full advantage of their education. IELTS wants to know, from perspectives across campus, what strategies, programs, initiatives, or policies have helped to remove institutional barriers and open up new opportunities in higher education, and how organizations can develop the resources, social services, and academic support that international students need to succeed, from the admissions process to graduation and beyond.

English-language proficiency, family income and educational-attainment levels, community affluence, and geographical location are interwoven with the challenges all students face, including potential biases related to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, perceived intellectual ability, past academic performance, and special-education status, among others. Taken together, these factors can contribute to some students having less access to educational opportunities than others. From reviewing admission policies to tracking student outcomes, higher education institutions are studying the impediments to success that may exist on campus or through institutional policy. They are working hard to remove barriers and improve support systems.



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