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Covington Police officer wounded, suspect killed in hotel shooting

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From the Ingles Studio, Welcome to The Community Podcast.

This Podcast brings you the top stories from the Rockdale-Newton Citizen and the Morgan Citizen

   Today is Thursday, May 25th and happy 60rd birthday to Mike Myers   

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I’m Brian Giffin and here are your top stories presented by  Drake Realty


Covington Police officer wounded, suspect killed in hotel shooting


Suspects in Fountain Crest shooting identified, victim dies of his wounds


And  a Wreck claims life of Morgan County woman


Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins our Bruce Jenkins to talk about high grocery prices,

And  a little later in the show Gary Crawford of the USDA touches on that same topic


These stories and more are coming up in today’s edition of the Community Podcast for Rockdale, Newton, and Morgan Counties!


Break 1:  Drake


STORY 1: Shot


In Covington, Georgia, a police officer was shot and a suspect was killed in a shooting incident at a local hotel. The incident occurred after officers responded to a 911 call at the My Home & Suites Hotel on Tuesday night. Upon arrival, one officer encountered a man, later identified as Treyvorius Stodghill, who was armed inside one of the hotel rooms. An exchange of gunfire took place, resulting in the officer being shot. Another officer arrived at the scene and witnessed Stodghill pointing a gun at the injured officer. The second officer shot and killed Stodghill. The injured officer, who was shot in the head, was transported to Grady Hospital in Atlanta and is expected to survive. The Covington Police Department has requested prayers and support for their colleague and his family during this time. Check back at rockdalenewtoncitizen.com for updates on this story.



STORY 2: Suspects


A shooting incident in the Fountain Crest subdivision has resulted in the death of a man who was shot in the head. The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office has identified two suspects in connection with the shooting. Ryan Mulqueen, aged 19, has been arrested with the help of the New York Police Department. However, the second suspect, Mikle Talyzin, aged 28, is still at large. The incident occurred on May 13th when deputies responded to a call reporting a "trouble unknown" situation on Fountain Crest Drive. They discovered a 45-year-old man inside the residence who had been shot in the head three times. Despite being taken to the hospital, he passed away over the weekend. The Sheriff's Office expressed gratitude for the assistance received in the investigation and confirmed that they are actively looking into the case. If you have information on there whereabouts of Talyzin, please contact the Rockdale County Sheriffs office


Story 3 Accident


 A tragic single-vehicle crash in Putnam County claimed the life of a woman from Morgan County. Julie Sims Simpson, aged 54, was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash occurred when a 2021 Subaru Forester, driven by her husband Gabriel David Simpson, aged 57, overturned in a ditch on Lower Harmony Road. The vehicle was discovered by a Putnam County Sheriff's Office deputy. Initial investigations suggest that the vehicle was traveling towards U.S. 441 and failed to negotiate a curve, resulting in the loss of control and overturning. Julie Simpson was found still strapped into the passenger seat, while Gabriel Simpson was discovered inside the vehicle on the roof. The exact time of the incident is yet to be determined, but it is believed they had been in the vehicle for a couple of hours. Gabriel Simpson was transported to a hospital, and no charges have been filed as the accident remains under investigation......back in a moment


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Story 4: Fire


Morgan County's Fire Chief, Jeff Stone, has announced his retirement and will officially step down on June 2nd. After 29 years in the fire service and public safety, Stone has decided to conclude his career as the Fire Chief for Morgan County Fire Rescue, a role he has held for the past 7.5 years. Stone's journey in the fire service began as a volunteer for the Walton County Fire Department, and he steadily advanced through the ranks, ultimately retiring as a battalion chief overseeing 25 personnel and handling 4,000 calls annually. Throughout his tenure as Fire Chief, Stone has been a passionate advocate for resources, equipment, and training for firefighters. He expressed gratitude for the exceptional men and women of Morgan County Fire Rescue and the unwavering support from the citizens of Morgan County. Stone acknowledged the progress made in enhancing the fire service but advised that the next chief must continue to advocate for the department to meet the county's growing public safety needs.



STORY 5:  ride


Ride for America, a patriotic motorcycle parade organized by the American Legion, will roll through Madison on Memorial Day, May 29th. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the event, where hundreds of riders dressed in red, white, and blue participate in a parade from Loganville to Madison. The Ride for America aims to honor fallen veterans and their families. The ceremony will take place at Madison's Town Park, beginning at 11 a.m. once the motorcycles arrive and encircle the park. The event is free and open to the public, with attendees encouraged to dress patriotically and bring lawn chairs. The Ride for America supports various veterans-related causes, including scholarships, veteran assistance, and supplies for hospitalized veterans. For more information, visit the website www.rideforamerica.org.



Story 6: Thomas


The documentary film "Steffen Thomas: Rock & Chisel" will be showcased at the Plaza Arts Center in Eatonton on Thursday, June 8th, at 6 p.m. Filmmaker Jesse Stephen Freeman will be present, along with Lisa Thomas Conner, the youngest daughter of Steffen and Sara Thomas, for a Q&A session with the audience following the screening. Conner expressed her excitement about the film's release, highlighting her father's expressive art and the five-year collaboration with Freeman that brought his essence to life. The film features an original score titled "Eight Songs for Steffen Thomas" composed by David Kirkland Garner and performed by Phillip Bush (piano) and Claire Bryant (cello). The soundtrack is available for purchase at the STMA Museum Shop and online. Michael Bruno served as the film's Director of Photography, and it was edited by Will Eccleston for Kinetiscape Media.





STORY 7: Leah


And now, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins our own Bruce Jenkins to talk about cutting back on sugar


Final thoughts after this


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