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Covington Police Chief Stacey Cotton to retire

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From the Ingles Studio, Welcome to The Community Podcast.

This Podcast brings you the top stories from the Rockdale-Newton Citizen and the Morgan Citizen

   Today is Thursday, May 18th and happy 75rd birthday to Mr October…Reggie Jackson   

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I’m Brian Giffin and here are your top stories presented by  Drake Realty


Covington Police Chief Stacey Cotton to retire


Suspects sought in Rockdale County shooting


And Rockdale County approves new director for planning and development


Plus, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins our Bruce Jenkins to talk about high grocery prices,

And  a little later in the show Gary Crawford of the USDA touches on that same topic


These stories and more are coming up in today’s edition of the Community Podcast for Rockdale, Newton, and Morgan Counties!


Break 1:  Drake


STORY 1:Drug charges


Stacey Cotton, the longest-serving police chief in the Atlanta area, has announced his retirement after nearly 37 years with the Covington Police Department. Cotton, who has been chief for over 25 years, will transition to a new role in the private sector, working in land development with Premier Petroleum Hospitality. The department will undergo a leadership transition, but Cotton is confident in the competence of the existing leaders. Under his guidance, the Covington Police Department achieved international accreditation and state certification. Cotton's distinguished career includes participating in international law enforcement programs, such as combating terrorism in Israel and collaborating with London police for the 2012 Olympics. He holds multiple degrees and has actively served on various boards and community programs.



STORY 2: Schools


The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office is seeking two men believed to be involved in a shooting in the Fountain Crest subdivision. Deputies responded to a call and discovered a 45-year-old man with three gunshot wounds to the head. The victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition. The RCSO Criminal Investigations Division is actively investigating the incident, and anyone with information is urged to contact Investigator Levett or submit tips anonymously. The Sheriff's Office emphasizes that the investigation is still ongoing, and the released information is preliminary and subject to change.


Story 3 Arrested


Rockdale County has appointed Juliana Njoku as the new director for Planning and Development. The appointment was made during the county's Board of Commissioners voting session on May 9. With this new role, Njoku will oversee the planning and development initiatives in Rockdale County. Her appointment highlights the county's commitment to effective management and strategic growth. Njoku brings her expertise and experience to the position, and her leadership is expected to contribute to the development and progress of Rockdale County......back in a moment



Story 4: Walk


The Walk of Heroes Memorial Day Ceremony is scheduled for May 29 at 11 a.m. at the Walk of Heroes Veterans War Memorial. The keynote speaker for the event will be Maj. Gen. Les J. Carroll, a retired U.S. Army officer. The ceremony will also feature musical selections performed by the 116th Army Band. This event serves as a meaningful tribute to honor and remember the sacrifices of veterans and fallen heroes. Attendees can expect a solemn and patriotic gathering that pays tribute to those who have served their country. The ceremony promises to be a poignant and memorable event for all who attend.



STORY 4: Audit


Nelson Heights Community Services Inc. has been given until mid-June to address deficiencies in its audit in order to receive funding from Newton County this fiscal year. The non-profit organization, which offers after-school and other programs for children in the Nelson Heights community, was allocated $38,800 in the county's budget for fiscal year 2023. However, concerns emerged during a three-year audit covering 2017 to 2021, causing a hold on the appropriation. The county board mandated the audit requirement for organizations receiving funding. The Nelson Heights audit raised red flags, leading to a delay in the organization's appropriations until the issues are resolved. The county will cover operational costs for the Nelson Heights Community Center building during this period.


STORY 5: Leah


And now, Leah McGrath of Ingles Markets joins our own Bruce Jenkins to talk about high grocery prices



We’ll have more community news in a moment


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STORY 6:  Conservancy


The Fairplay School, built around 1898 and later converted into a residence, has become the latest project of the Conservancy's Endangered Properties Revolving Fund. After three generations of ownership, the property was sold to the Madison-Morgan Conservancy in 2022. Since then, the Conservancy has stabilized the building, restored its original layout, and uncovered the original beaded board walls. The Fairplay School features a unique 2-room floor plan with spacious rooms, high ceilings, large windows, and original heart pine floors. The property is located on a 1.88-acre lot in the peaceful community of Fairplay, near Rutledge and Hard Labor Creek State Park in Morgan County. The Conservancy is now seeking a preservation buyer to complete the remaining rehabilitation work and ensure the long-term protection of this historically significant resource for future generations.


Story 7: USDA


Now here’s Gary Crawford with the US Dept. of Agriculture talking about food prices:




Back with closing comments after this


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