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Corps of Engineers says Margaritaville 'within their rights' to ban swimming in Lake Lanier

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Margaritaville at Lanier Islands recently caused a stir by announcing a ban on swimming in Lake Lanier, but the Army Corps of Engineers stated that they are unable to intervene in the matter.

Due to safety concerns, Margaritaville erected a fence along the waterline, preventing visitors from swimming in the lake. While beach access remains available, swimming in the lake is now prohibited. This decision received backlash and mockery on social media. However, the Corps of Engineers clarified that Margaritaville had not violated any regulations.

In the meantime, the Corps of Engineers encouraged those wishing to swim in the lake to visit their parks situated around Lake Lanier. These parks, managed by the Corps, feature public beaches where swimming is allowed.

The Corps emphasized the importance of recreational activities at Lake Lanier, expressing their commitment to providing day-use parks that offer boating and swimming opportunities.

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