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Cobb Life: Spotlight on Kevin Nguyen-Capital Development, and Local Music Scene

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Show Notes

It is great to have you locked in with us for another edition of Cobb Life. We look forward each week to kicking it with great guests and telling you more about what's happening here in the community. This week is another good one.....your show rundown is presented by Credit Union of Georgia...Skyler Heath is in the building today, she'll sit down with Kevin Nguyen, who is the founder and CEO of Capital Development, and by the way still a college student. The KSU senior will share his journey, passion, and how he navigates his coursework along with running a successful company. Then a little later, our buddy, local musician and entertainment broker Tommy McNulty stops by to talk a little about who is playing where around the community, including his own show calendar, and just kicking it a bit. We'll get it all going after a quick break....Pull up a chair, Skyler and Kevin are next, you're listening to Cobb Life from the MDJ.

Segment 1 Skyler Heath with Kevin Nguyen

Segment 2 Skyler Heath with Kevin Nguyen

Segment 3 Brian Giffin with Tommy McNulty

That will about wrap another fun edition of Cobb Life. We thank our guests, Kevin Nguyen and Tommy McNulty, and Skyler Heathg for contributing today...she too is a full time student with a full time gig...lastly, we thank all of you for locking us in today. Cobb Life is a presentation of the Marietta Daily Journal, I'm Brian Giffin with the BG Ad Group...we'll talk to you soon everybody....so long!

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