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Cobb Life 8-27-23 - Bull Riding

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And we're back on Cobb Life, Brian Giffin with the BG Ad group. Your show rundown is presented by Credit Union of Georgia. We'll have Pam Treadway along in a bit, but first we'll tell ya a bit more about the sport.
Bull riding originated from charreadas, contests of ranch and horsemanship skills in Old Mexico. It's popularity here in the US initially spread and grew in Texas and California. Over the years as rodeo itself grew in popularity, bull riding grew right along with it.
Until 1936, bull riding lacked standardized rules, along with many other rodeo events. The Cowboy’s Turtle Association emerged in response to mistreatment of cowboys by rodeo promoter W.T. Johnson during the Boston Garden Rodeo. Notably, four-time bull riding champion Dick Griffith was among the protesting cowboys. This association eventually became the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association (PRCA) in 1975, contributing to the growth of rodeo and bull riding.

In 1992, bull riders decided to establish their own separate organization due to bull riding's immense popularity. Recognizing that bull riding could thrive independently, notable riders like Ty Murray, Tuff Hedeman, and Cody Lambert gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona, each contributing $1,000 to create the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR). Despite this, the PRCA continued to include bull riding as one of its sanctioned events.

The American Bull Riders Tour returns to Jim R. Miller park and the North Georgia State Fair this year, and will surely be one of the more popular events, among many, at the Fair. The American Bull Riders Tour will also be part of a full rodeo event up the road at the Cumming Fairgrounds the first week of September, and return to the CUMMING Fair in October. There will be multiple opportunities to check it out. Coming up next, we'll learn more about the sport and these events with Pam Treadway of the American Bull Riders Tour. That comes your way next, you're listening to Cobb Life from the MDJ


Pam Treadway Part 1.


Pam Treadway Part 2.


That will about wrap Cobb Life this week, we thank Pam Treadway of the American Bull Riders tour for joining us, and we thank all of you for locking us in. Cobb Life is a presentation of the Marietta Daily Journal, I'm Brian Giffin with the BG Ad Group, and we'll talk to you soon everybody....so long.


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