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Cobb development authority to talk affordable housing with Cupid’s task force

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MDJ Script/ Top Stories for July25th Tuesday

Publish Date: July 24 Monday


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From the Henssler Financial Studio, Welcome to the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast

Today is Tuesday July 25th and happy 27th birthday to NFL Running Back Alvin Kamara


I’m Dan Radcliffe and here are the stories Cobb is talking about, presented by Credit Union of Georgia

1. Cobb development authority to talk affordable housing with Cupid’s task force

2. Elections board chair 'not going to be bullied' by Cobb school district

3. And Cobb school board protesters defend teacher fired under 'divisive concepts' law


All of this and more is coming up on the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast.

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STORY 1: housing


The Development Authority of Cobb County will meet with Cobb Chairwoman Lisa Cupid's affordable housing task force, now called "Advance Cobb." The task force aims to study housing affordability and may propose that the development authority gets involved in developing affordable housing, using incentives like other Georgia development authorities. The meeting will present the task force's preliminary findings and discuss how the development authority can support housing. Cobb is developing a new unified development code, which could incorporate task force recommendations. The county's housing prices have increased significantly, making it challenging to achieve affordable housing. Knight mentioned the need for more creative means to build affordable housing due to limitations in federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit programs....................……... Read more about this at mdjonline.com


Story 2: bullied


The Cobb County School District and the Cobb Board of Elections are involved in a lawsuit regarding the school board map. A federal judge ruled that the school district cannot be held liable, but the claim against the Board of Elections remains. The elections board has avoided taking a position on the claims, asserting its role as a nonpartisan administrator of elections. The school district is considering options, including asking the Georgia Attorney General to intervene as a party. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a lead plaintiff, stated that the case against the Board of Elections is proceeding, while the district claimed victory prematurely. The initial lawsuit accused the school district's map of intentional discrimination against communities of color.


Story 3: law


Protesters at a Cobb school board meeting defended a former elementary school teacher, Katie Rinderle, who was fired for violating the state's new "divisive concepts" law. She had read a book about gender identity to her fifth-grade class, leading to complaints from parents. While public commenters were not allowed to address specific personnel matters, they tackled underlying topics, advocating for inclusivity and the representation of all students in classroom literature. The board gave the Superintendent the go-ahead to select members for tribunals leading dismissal hearings for fired teachers, and Rinderle's hearing is scheduled for August 10. She was accused of violating various district policies, including those related to controversial issues and instructional resources selection and acquisition.


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STORY 4: shelter


The Cobb County Animal Services shelter is offering a discounted adoption rate of $20 per animal for the rest of July, which includes spaying or neutering and microchipping. The shelter is currently operating at 123% of its capacity, facing an 18% increase in animal intakes compared to last year. To avoid euthanizing animals, they aim to have as many adoptions as possible. The shelter has an 88% "live release" rate, higher than the national average of around 50%. They currently house 169 dogs, 161 cats, and one Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. Most of the dogs are pit bull mixes, but the shelter hopes to challenge the stigma around them


STORY 5: vote


More than 20 Cobb County residents spoke against the county's proposed millage rate increase during a meeting. They cited various reasons for lowering property taxes, including rising property values causing a burden on fixed-income seniors and renters. Many shared personal stories of struggling to afford the increased taxes. A pediatric neuropsychologist expressed concern that higher taxes might force him to sell his home and lose proximity to his children. Some residents questioned Chairwoman Lisa Cupid's claims about her own property tax assessment. The commission will vote on the millage rate at a meeting tonight at 7pm.


Story 6: fee


The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) is launching a pilot project to test a mileage-based user fee for electric vehicles (EVs). The aim is to capture revenue from EV drivers as traditional fuel tax revenues decline due to the shift towards electric and hybrid vehicles. The pilot will involve 150 volunteers who will be monitored for the number of miles driven, and the data will be used to gauge the feasibility and user experience of the mileage-based approach. The DOT will also explore options to protect privacy during the experiment. The project will help determine the potential for adopting this form of transportation tax in the future.


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Story 7: brothers


Brothers Azeez and BJ Ojulari, who played football together at Marietta, are now both in the NFL. Azeez is entering his third season with the New York Giants, and BJ is preparing for his rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals. The siblings reflected on their time at Marietta and their achievements in college football. They will face off against each other in Week 2 at State Farm Stadium, and both plan to take advantage of the opportunity while engaging in friendly trash-talking. Azeez offered advice to his younger brother on transitioning to the pro level. Both hope to have successful careers as pass-rushers in the NFL.


Story 8: Helton


Georgia Southern coach Clay Helton spoke at the Cobb County Kickoff Luncheon, emphasizing the importance of high-quality individuals in building a successful football team. He stressed the significance of trustworthy coaches and role models for student-athletes. Helton emphasized creating a culture of hard work, accountability, and togetherness within the team. He also highlighted the need for consistency and level-headedness in navigating challenges and adversity. Helton invited Cobb County coaches to visit Georgia Southern, where many players come from Georgia, including Cobb County. He looks forward to recruiting more talented players for the upcoming 2023 season.


Story 9: KSU


Kennesaw State University has announced kickoff times for its 2023 football season. The opening game against Tusculum will be on August 31 at 7 p.m., followed by a "Gold Rush" game against Furman on September 16 at 5 p.m. Homecoming is scheduled for October 7 at 3 p.m. against Tennessee State. A Halloween "black-out" game against Lincoln University will take place on October 28 at 3 p.m. The season will conclude with a senior day and military appreciation game against Virginia-Lynchburg on November 11 at 3 p.m. Some road game kickoff times have also been announced. Season tickets are available for purchase.



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