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Cherokee Sheriff's Office: Watch out for funeral home scam

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from the Ingles Studio this is your news minute on the Cherokee Tribune Ledger Podcast presented by Powers Electrical Solutions. Today is Friday September 1st and I'm Brian Giffin.
The Cherokee Sheriff's Office has issued a warning about a scam targeting residents, where scammers falsely claim to represent funeral homes and ask for money. Scammers are reportedly using obituaries from newspapers and online sources to identify family members of the deceased and then contact them by phone, posing as funeral home representatives. The scammers ask for money through platforms like Venmo, claiming it's needed for funeral arrangements. The Sheriff's Office emphasized that this is a scam and advised anyone encountering such situations to contact the funeral home directly and file a police report. They also cautioned against responding to demands for money via phone, text, or email, and to reach out to 911 when unsure.

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