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Cherokee Schools superintendent recommends budget that includes teacher raises

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CTL Script/ Top Stories of May 23 Tuesday

Publish Date: May 21st, Monday


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From the Ingles Studio Welcome to the Cherokee Tribune Ledger Podcast

   Today is Tuesday, May 23rd, and happy 31st birthday to Aaron Donald

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I’m Brian Giffin and here are the top stories Cherokee is talking about, presented by Credit Union of Georgia

  1. Cherokee Schools superintendent recommends budget that includes teacher raises
  2. Legislators provide updates at Cherokee Chamber breakfast
  3. And Raffensperger unveils election security plan
  4. Plus Leah McGrath Joins our own Bruce Jenkins to talk about high grocery prices

Plus, Leah McGrath, corporate dietician for Ingles Markets sits down with our Bruce Jenkins to talk about cutting back on sugar


We’ll have all this and more coming up on the Cherokee Tribune-Ledger Podcast


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Story 1. Raises


Cherokee County School District Superintendent Brian Hightower has recommended a budget for the next fiscal year that includes additional teacher raises on top of those provided by the state government. If approved, teachers will receive a total pay raise of $4,500 per year. The proposed budget maintains the current property tax rate but anticipates a more than 15% increase in overall local tax revenue. The budget allocates 16.45 mills for CCSD's maintenance and operation and 1.5 mills for bonds. The school board is set to vote on the proposed budget on June 15. The budget also includes a $2,500 raise for all certified staff and a 3% pay raise for classified staff, along with retention/signing bonuses for full-time and part-time employees.



STORY 2: chamber


Representatives of Cherokee County's state legislative delegation, including State Sen. John Albers and State Reps. Charlice Byrd, John Carson, Rick Jasperse, and Jordan Ridley, met with residents to provide an overview of the past legislative session and discuss upcoming plans. During the meeting, Sen. Albers highlighted the state tax refunds and property tax rebates that will be issued to residents. He also emphasized Georgia's low unemployment rate, population growth, and business-friendly environment. Rep. Byrd discussed her bills, the "Medical Freedom Act" and the "Second Amendment Preservation Act," which aimed to prevent vaccine and gun control mandates respectively. She praised the passing of SB 1, which prohibits proof of COVID vaccination for government services.


Story 3: Raffensberger


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has announced measures to ensure ballot security in upcoming elections. The state will conduct "health checks" in all 159 counties to verify that election management systems and equipment have not been tampered with. The Secretary of State's office will collaborate with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to assess the security of election equipment storage. Pilot projects will also be conducted to test new software, although its statewide implementation is scheduled after the 2024 elections. Raffensperger, known for defending the integrity of Georgia's elections, emphasized the responsible and deliberate approach to address concerns while prioritizing the needs of voters and election workers.….back in a moment


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STORY 4: Smoke shops


The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners has made amendments to the county's zoning ordinance regulations for tobacco stores and vape shops. The changes include requirements such as maintaining a distance of at least one mile from schools and daycare centers, and 600 feet from recreational areas. Additionally, the amendments limit the proximity of similar stores to 1,000 feet from each other. A special use permit will now be required to open a tobacco store or vape shop. These changes are effective immediately, lifting the moratorium on such establishments. The commissioners have also discussed potential amendments to regulations on liquor stores, including distance requirements and signage guidelines. A decision on these amendments has been tabled until June 6. The aim is to establish licensing regulations and comply with state laws.


Story 5: officer


The Woodstock Midday Optimist Club celebrated Respect for Law Week by honoring a local police officer, Joshua Buckner, with the Officer of the Year Award. Woodstock Mayor Michael Caldwell proclaimed the week as a time to show respect for the law and those who enforce it. The club presented Buckner with a donation to the Woodstock Public Safety Foundation in his name, a framed copy of the proclamation to be displayed at the Woodstock Police Department, and a certificate of recognition. Buckner, a member of the Special Operations Group, has contributed significantly to the department by removing impaired drivers from the roads and mentoring new officers in DUI-related classes.….be right back



Story 6: fallen

Citizens and representatives of local law enforcement agencies in Cherokee County gathered at the Park at City Center in Woodstock to remember officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Holly Springs Police Chief Tommy Keheley shared his personal experiences of officers who died and emphasized the importance of continuing their work and upholding their values. Woodstock Mayor Michael Caldwell read a proclamation honoring Police Week and Law Enforcement Memorial Day. The names of officers from Georgia who were killed in 2022 were also recognized, including Officer Joe Burson, who lost his life in a traffic stop incident. The ceremony marked the first gathering since 2019 due to the pandemic…..back in a moment


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Story 7: Burton


And now, Leah McGrath of Ingles markets sits down with our own Bruce Jenkins to talk about cutting back on sugar




We’ll be back with some final thoughts after this


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