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Cherokee County officers train for active shooter scenario

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CTL Script/ Top Stories of June 24 Saturday

Publish Date: June 23 Friday


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From the Ingles Studio Welcome to the Award Winning Cherokee Tribune Ledger Podcast

   Today is Saturday, June 24th, and happy 76th birthday to legendary rocker Mick Fleetwood




I’m Brian Giffin and here are the top stories Cherokee is talking about, presented by Credit Union of Georgia

  1. Cherokee County officers train for active shooter scenario
  2. Residents invited to give feedback on Cherokee Marshal's Office
  3. And a New wakeboarding law goes into effect July 1

Plus, everyone knows College Football is King here in Georgia, and many pro players have come from universities here.

None however, until this year, from Kennesaw State, a football program that launched in 2015. That changed this year when the Bears drafted defensive tackle Travis Bell. We have a special on, and with Bell, coming up a bit later in the podcast…..we’re certain you’ll enjoy it.


We’ll have all this and more coming up on the Cherokee Tribune-Ledger Podcast


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Story 1. active



Public safety workers from various Cherokee County agencies recently gathered at Teasley Middle School for an active shooter training. The training, which takes place annually, aims to prepare law enforcement and fire personnel for potential real-life scenarios. The three-day training involved an active shooter scenario and a rescue task force scenario. Participants, including about 140 to 150 individuals from multiple agencies, focused on responding to an active shooter within a school, evaluating their ability to identify threats, handle different situations, and ensure the safety of innocent individuals. The training promotes coordination and standardization among agencies to enhance preparedness and effective response in case of an actual incident.

……… Read more on this story at tribuneledgernews.com



STORY 2: feedback


The Cherokee Marshal's Office in Cherokee County is seeking public feedback as it pursues the renewal of its accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). As a nationally accredited agency, the marshal's office must comply with established standards and demonstrate a commitment to upholding them. To facilitate public input, CALEA has established a public access portal where residents can provide comments, commendations, or any information relevant to the agency's quality of service. Feedback can be submitted through the CALEA website, the marshal's office website, or their Facebook page. This initiative encourages community engagement and helps ensure the agency's ongoing adherence to professional standards.


Story 3: wake


During the 2023 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 121, which introduces new regulations for wakeboarding and wakesurfing activities on state waters. The aim of the legislation is to enhance safety, promote responsible water sports, and preserve public and private property. The key provisions of the bill, effective from July 1, include distance restrictions, requiring a minimum distance of 200 feet from moored vessels, structures, shorelines near residences, parks, and other public areas. It also mandates the use of U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets at all times during wakeboarding and wakesurfing and prohibits these activities between sunset and sunrise. The law does not apply to permitted marine events or certain waterways. Enforcement will focus on education but will address repeat offenders and reckless behavior...….read more at tribuneledgernews.com


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STORY 4: award


Cherokee Recreation and Parks in Cherokee County received the 2023 NACPRO Award from the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials for its Cherokee Youth Basketball program. The award, given in the Park and Recreation Program - Class II category, recognizes outstanding programs that inspire other agencies. Cherokee Youth Basketball is a local recreational league open to youth from kindergarten through 12th grade. The program has seen remarkable growth, with 556 teams and over 4,000 participants. It provides a safe and competitive environment for players to develop character, sportsmanship, and teamwork. NACPRO is a non-profit organization that promotes county and regional park and recreation issues. More information about the program can be found at playcherokee.org.


Story 5: digital


Arnold Mill Elementary School in Cherokee County has been awarded the Common Sense School certification for its commitment to teaching digital citizenship. The certification, granted by the national nonprofit organization Common Sense, recognizes schools that prioritize responsible technology use and critical thinking skills. The school's media specialist, Jacquie Zaski, and technology teacher, Ally Wilson, were commended for their efforts in earning this recognition. Through the use of Common Sense Education's resources, the school focuses on teaching students about internet safety, privacy protection, cyberbullying prevention, online relationships, plagiarism awareness, and media literacy. The achievement highlights Arnold Mill's dedication to equipping students with the essential skills needed for success in the modern world and promoting ethical digital participation.



Story 6:  park


Garland Mission Park, a future 443-acre park near Waleska, is being developed with the support of Canton First Baptist Church. Although privately owned, the park aims to be a gathering place for all members of the community. The land was donated to the church in 2018, and the project leaders, including Senior Adult Pastor Alvin Emmett and Project Director Tiffanie Miller, envision it as a versatile space for activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and reflection. The park's opening will occur in phases, with the first phase featuring a prayer garden modeled after Ruth Graham's prayer garden in Asheville. The park received a grant for parking lot security improvements and has been a place for community gatherings, including a Christmas church service.


Back with a special sports feature after this



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Story 7: Bell


I had the privlege of being the 1st radio play by play voice at Kennesaw State, a program that launched in 2015. Until this year, the Owls had not had a player taken in the NFL draft….that all changed back in April


***Bell Piece***


Final thoughts after this


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