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Canton Police warning residents about scam

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From the Ingles Studio, this is your news minute on the cherokee tribune ledger podcast...presented by ESOG, today is thursday may 25th and I'm brian Giffin

The Canton Police Department has issued a warning to residents regarding a scam that involves individuals impersonating officers and municipal court employees. Citizens have gotten phone calls from these imposters, claiming to represent either the Canton Police Department or Canton Municipal Court. They assert that the person being called owes money for unpaid fines, and demand payment via app payment methods.

Legitimate law enforcement agencies and courts typically do not initiate contact over the phone to collect fines. Stay informed, stay alert, and protect yourself from falling victim to such scams.....for stories like this and great content, please visit tribuneledgernews.com. For the tribune ledger podcast I'm brian Giffin

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