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Calhoun man shot during shootout with police in Adairsville following brief chase

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From the Ingles Studio this is The Northwest Georgia News Podcast from the Rome News Tribune, Calhoun Times, Catoosa Walker News, and Polk County Standard


   Today is Saturday, August 12th, and happy 84th birthday to actor George Hamilton

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Calhoun man shot during shootout with police in Adairsville following brief chase


Kennesaw man sentenced to more than 20 years for bank robberies in Rome and North Carolina


And Rome brings on new attorney to oversee Cochran ethics investigation


Plus, Leah McGrath is here to talk with Bruce Jenkins about Plant based ,meats


the US dept. of Agriculture on that same topic

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STORY 1: shootout


A man in Calhoun was critically injured after a shootout with police in Adairsville, following a chase. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident, which began in Gordon County. The man, Courtney Wilkerson, initially fired shots at Mannington Mills employees, causing no injuries. He then fled to Adairsville, where a brief chase ensued involving local police, the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, and the Georgia State Patrol. During the chase, Wilkerson shot at officers and collided with a cement mixer. He continued firing and was eventually shot and critically wounded. No officers were harmed. The investigation is ongoing, and footage will be withheld until the case is resolved.....…….get more info at northwestgeorgianews.com


STORY 2: robberies


Johnny Jermaine Davis, a Kennesaw man arrested by the FBI in 2021 for a series of bank robberies, including one in Rome, has been sentenced to over 20 years in prison. Davis, who pleaded guilty to six counts of bank robbery and one count of brandishing a firearm, received a 22-year prison term and five years of supervision, along with a $65,000 restitution order. He committed seven robberies in multiple states from January to May 2021. His spree ended in Rome when he held up a Truist Bank branch, leaving a clue that led to his identification. The FBI's investigation involved local law enforcement collaboration.


STORY 3: ethics


Rome has appointed a new attorney, Avery S. Jackson, to lead the ethics investigation against City Commissioner Mark Cochran. Mayor Sundai Stevenson has approved the engagement letter outlining costs, with Jackson's rate at $300/hour and co-counsel David Mecklin's at the same rate. Associate attorneys and paralegals will bill at lower rates. The process faced issues, including infighting among commissioners, Open Meetings Act violations, and court challenges. The original complaint, filed by Kristy Shepard, Rome's HR Director, accuses Cochran of creating a hostile work environment and exceeding his authority. Cochran appealed to Superior Court, delaying the hearing to August 21. There's uncertainty about further postponements.


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STORY 4: 24


The City of Rome celebrated the graduation of 24 employees from an eight-month management development program, a collaboration between the city and UGA's Carl Vinson Institute of Government. The program, aimed at enhancing leadership skills for local government, culminated in a jovial ceremony. Participants from various city departments received certificates and shared anecdotes, fostering camaraderie. Downtown Development Director Aundi Lesley highlighted the value of self-awareness, interdepartmental collaboration, and strengthened leadership. Evie McNiece, a seasoned professional, provided keynote insights. The graduates, spanning multiple departments, now carry improved skills and connections to enhance services for the community.


STORY 5:  utilities


Preliminary plans for the River District streetscape project in Rome are in hand from Pond and Company, but funding constraints pose a challenge. The project's estimated cost could reach $8 million, with $2 million allocated from the 2017 sales tax package. However, moving overhead utilities underground now costs about $3.2 million, significantly higher than the initial estimate. Older building conversions also add to expenses. Georgia Power's evolving regulations affect the project. A phased approach and revisiting whether utilities must be underground could help manage costs. The NOVA project's redesign impacts the streetscape endeavor, adding complexity to funding decisions.





STORY 6: needy


Fork, Spoon & Plate founder Gregory Greene, inspired by his church's efforts during childhood, now serves meals to the homeless in Rome. Starting with meals and singing as a teenager, he developed respect and appreciation for the homeless community. Amid the pandemic, he observed a growing need for support. Supported by volunteers, including his children, the initiative provides more than meals—clothing, hygiene products, and even prayers are offered. Collaborating with churches, Greene aims to secure an indoor facility for the initiative to expand its services, welcoming community involvement. Donations and volunteers are welcomed to contribute to their mission.



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Story 7: waldrep


The Atlanta Braves have elevated their 2023 first-round draft selection, Hurston Waldrep, from Low-A Augusta GreenJackets to High-A Rome Braves. Drafted from the University of Florida, Waldrep's strong college performance and 156 strikeouts earned him the promotion. Bryson Horne, a power-hitting first baseman, was promoted to Double-A Mississippi after excelling in Rome. Cory Acton also joined Rome from Augusta, while Jared Johnson made a move from Augusta to Rome. Sending a player drafted just 2 months ago speaks volumes for Waldrep’s performance as well as the Braves hopes for him.


Story 8:  Saxton


Victaria Saxton, former Model High standout, played near her hometown as her team, the Indiana Fever, faced the Atlanta Dream. Saxton, drafted 25th overall in the WNBA draft after her South Carolina college career, entered the game in the fourth quarter, reflecting her growing role in her rookie year. Her increased playing time is showing her progress, scoring 14 points and grabbing three rebounds in the last three games. Saxton expressed gratitude for the support from Rome and Floyd County, with family and friends cheering her on. Despite challenges, Indiana Fever aims to improve with a young team including Saxton and fellow former Gamecock players.



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