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Ball Ground could soon collect hotel/motel taxes on Airbnbs and VRBOs

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Ball Ground could soon collect hotel/motel taxes on Airbnbs and VRBOs

From the Ingles Studio this is your news minute on the Cherokee Tribune Ledger Podcast presented by Powers Electrical Solutions. Today is Friday, September 15th and I'm Keith Ippolito.

The Ball Ground City Council is set to vote on implementing a 5% hotel/motel tax that would apply to short-term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO. The tax revenue would be used for infrastructure improvements, city events, and tourism promotion. Around three-fifths of the tax would go towards downtown district improvements and events, while 2% would be allocated for city promotion and tourism-related venues. Although Ball Ground currently lacks hotels or motels, it anticipates generating $8,000 to $12,000 annually from this tax, thanks to 24 short-term rental units in the planning stages. Other nearby areas, including Cherokee County, Canton, Holly Springs, and Woodstock, already have similar taxes in place. If approved, the council will also consider amending the fee schedule to include hotel/motel taxes during the same meeting, which also includes discussions on various other topics, including an American Rescue Plan Act budget and vending machine standards.

For more news about our community, visit tribuneledgernews.com. For the Tribune Ledger Podcast I'm Keith Ippolito

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