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Athens teen charged with injuring neighbor's dog by shooting it with a BB gun

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Athens News Podcast: 9/16/23 

  1. Athens teen charged with injuring neighbor's dog by shooting it with a BB gun 

In Athens, a teenager shot a woman's pet dog with a BB rifle in what police believe was a malicious act. The incident occurred in the owner's front yard when the dog and her roommate observed the teenager shooting from a nearby apartment's second-floor balcony. After hitting the dog, named Mia, in the left hip, the teenager initially denied the shooting but later admitted to accidentally shooting the dog, claiming he was aiming for a sign, and the BB ricocheted. The dog, a 6-year-old pit bull, was taken to a veterinary clinic with the BB still inside her, as it had penetrated deeply. The teenager was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and reckless conduct...........This from the Athens – Banner Herald 

  1. Hall County man killed when truck crashes in Athens 

A tragic accident occurred on Lexington Road in eastern Athens-Clarke County, resulting in the death of a Hall County man, Brandon Tolbert, aged 27. The incident was a single-vehicle crash involving a woodchipper truck with a trailer. Police responded to the scene around 4:30 p.m., where the truck, traveling west, veered left, struck a curb, and damaged landscaping in the median before coming to a halt. Tolbert was removed from the vehicle, received medical attention, but sadly, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. An ongoing investigation seeks more information, and witnesses are encouraged to contact Senior Police Officer Dustin Tilley for assistance. This accident marks the 13th fatal vehicle crash in Athens-Clarke County for 2023.........Classic city News 

  1. Gary Danielson on the SEC’s struggles, Georgia and being a ‘villain’ in Big Ten territory: 

Gary Danielson, who is entering his final year of calling SEC games on CBS before the network transitions to the Big Ten, intends to continue calling games impartially. He acknowledges that fans from multiple SEC teams often have differing opinions of him, but he believes in providing honest commentary. While the SEC has faced criticism after a string of losses against other power-conference teams, Danielson suggests it's too early to conclude if the conference is truly struggling. He points out that the SEC has excelled historically and argues that on-field performance is what truly matters. Regarding Georgia, he mentions the loss of key players and coaches and expects a different team this year. Danielson recently called Big Ten games, providing him with a unique perspective on national championship contenders. He emphasizes his commitment to impartial analysis and letting the game speak for itself.............This from the Athletic 

  1. Athens campus of Augusta University nursing school reopens after renovations: 

Augusta University's College of Nursing in Athens, Georgia, has celebrated the completion of renovations to its campus, aimed at addressing the ongoing shortage of nurses in the state. Georgia is facing a potential shortfall of registered nurses, behavioral health professionals, and specialty care workers, as many are nearing retirement. The renovations at Augusta University's Athens campus have expanded its size, added a new simulation area and student center, and increased classroom and lab capacities. Additionally, the campus will introduce an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program to meet the state's workforce needs. These efforts aim to produce more nurses for Georgia's healthcare system, helping to address the shortage..............This from the Athens – Banner Herald 

  1. Athens-Clarke County Commissioners skeptical of homelessness plan: 

Athens-Clarke County Commissioners discussed a new strategic plan to address homelessness using unallocated federal COVID relief funding. Some commissioners expressed concerns about the plan, with one commissioner noting that similar efforts had been made in the past. Another questioned the plan's approach to preventing individuals from outside the county from seeking services. The mayor pointed out that neighboring counties lacked support services for the homeless. Another commissioner emphasized the need to focus on the local unhoused population, as they constitute the majority of the issue. A vote on accepting the plan is expected next month, though acceptance wouldn't immediately allocate funds or enact policy changes...........This from WUGA 

  1. UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities forges future researchers: 

The University of Georgia's Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) is a program that provides hands-on research experiences to undergraduate students. CURO aims to empower students to explore their interests with guidance from experienced research faculty. It pairs undergraduates with mentors from various fields and supports them throughout their research journey. Emilio Ferrera, a senior majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, began his research journey with CURO as a freshman, working in a professor's lab. He recently served as a 2023 CURO Summer Fellow, focusing on studying CRISPR-Cas genetic modifications in immune systems. Ferrera's story exemplifies CURO's commitment to fostering meaningful research experiences for talented undergraduates.............This from UGA Research 


  1. UGA Stegeman Coliseum receiving proposals for giant renovation project: 

Stegeman Coliseum, the sports venue at the University of Georgia, is set for a significant renovation project. The university has issued requests for qualifications and proposals as part of this effort, separate from ongoing repairs and smaller projects. The renovation project aims to develop a master plan for Stegeman Coliseum, including the replacement and reworking of seating. It also explores the possibility of adding premium seating and hospitality space in the horseshoe end of the coliseum. The selection of finalists is scheduled for October 12, and the deadline for submitting proposals is November 8. This initiative represents a major overhaul for the sports facility................This from WUGA 


From The Athens Clarke County News Facebook page: 

Amber Buriles from Arkansas posted “Any recommendations on where haunted houses and things like that? Trying to plan a couple trips!” 

Others commented: 

Fairand Hix from Athens GA “Zombie farms in winterville if you’re talking about around Athens” 

Stephanie V. Vaughn from Athens GA “Netherworld. It’s pricy but worth it!” 

David DeRepentighy from Hull GA “I am sure some neighborhoods after dark would work just as well.” 

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