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Athens man goes to federal prison on heroin, cocaine convictions

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Athens News Podcast: 9/23/23 

  1. Athens man goes to federal prison on heroin, cocaine convictions 

A repeat criminal offender, Wayne Lenard McKinley (36), has been sentenced to 18 years and four months in a federal prison with zero chance at parole. He has had a pass with the local police department being a repeat defender. Some of his past convictions in Athens include aggravated assault, robbery, trespassing, terroristic threats and more. Police caught him selling drugs in 2016 and he is also facing a probation violation in 2022. The FBI viewed McKinley as a public safety threat.........This from the Athens Banner Herald  

  1. New Second Chance Desk in Athens Offers More Assistance with Record Restriction 

The solicitor General’s Office, Western circuit District Attorney’s Office, and the Georgia Justice Project are creating a new initiative in Athens called the Second Chance Desk. This new initiative is supposed to help them by shielding their histories from the public's view. They will have a monthly meeting to assist them instead of where in the past it was only semiannual events. These groups came together because they want to help these individuals who are seeking to improve their records. The launch of this amazing new program is scheduled for September 28th. They want to help the people that want to put their past behind them..........This from WUGA 


  1. City Hall seeks input on Growth Concept Plan 

The Athens – Clarke County Government is seeking public opinion about possibly updating the Growth Concept plan From September 21 through October 2023. They will have plenty of opportunities such as interactive group meetings, Neighborhood walks, bus tours, and community event booths. Planning department staff will lead these bus tours and neighborhood walks to show what they want to do. The bus tours you have to pre-register for, but the neighborhood walks are open to all rain or shine. The input received will inform the development of a new Future Land Use Plan, reflecting community values and shaping development over the next 20 years. Public participation is crucial in creating a plan that aligns with community aspirations. For more details and notifications, visit the Comprehensive Plan webpage on the Athens-Clarke County government website or call 706-613-3515.........This from WUGA Radio 

  1. This UGA art professor turned her home into a gallery to display her neighbor's paintings 

The "Blobbies" exhibit by Chrissy Reed, featuring minimalist paintings, is showcased at the newly opened Foyer art gallery in Athens. The exhibit is on view by appointment until November 18 and reflects the evolution of life from a cellular perspective, unintentionally aligning with the gallery's nascent stage. Foyer, established by University of Georgia art professor Jaime Bull and Reed, emerged from their shared love for gardening and art. Bull, dedicated to promoting local Athens artists, transformed her home into an art gallery, aiming to create an intimate and less formal exhibition space. The gallery's opening night was successful, bolstered by support from Athens' artistic communities. Foyer provides a platform to spotlight local artists, offering a unique and engaging art experience. To visit, appointments are required at 135 Park Ave., and inquiries can be directed to jaimebull@gmail.com..........This from Athens Banner Herald 


  1. Athens commissioners and locals debate housing crisis: 

The Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission held a special session to address the housing crisis, specifically the surge in short-term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO. Local residents expressed concern over the increasing number of these rentals, which has risen from 600 to over 900 in a year. The government has struggled to enforce taxes on these rentals, exacerbating the affordable housing crisis. An emergency moratorium on new short-term rental listings was proposed and unanimously approved, with an exception allowing primary Athens residents to sublease rooms. The session also discussed homelessness, with rates increasing by 20% in the past year. The commission considered various housing-related initiatives and rezoning recommendations for Athens properties...........This from the Red and Black 

  1. New UGA Student Groups Uses Art to Help International Causes: 

Rana Ahmed and Sarah Hashami, third-year students at UGA, have founded Students for International Causes (SIC), an organization focused on international crisis relief and cultural appreciation. SIC utilizes arts and crafts as its primary fundraising method, with members creating art together for specified humanitarian causes. Proceeds from art sales go to credible humanitarian agencies or club management. The initial focus is on Afghanistan, addressing human rights violations. SIC also emphasizes local volunteer work, prioritizing assistance to the Hispanic community, which constitutes a significant immigrant population in Georgia. The organization seeks to transform fundraising into long-term solutions and educate the student body through hands-on work and cultural appreciation...........This from the Flagpole 


  1. Prince Avenue football's next elite recruit: UGA, Alabama have already offered this junior: 

Christian Garrett, a junior at Prince Avenue Christian, is gaining attention as a four-star defensive lineman recruit for the class of 2025. He has received offers from top programs like Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, and Vanderbilt. Garrett has been playing football since age 6 and sees it as a formative experience that teaches work ethic and resilience. Despite his success, he remains focused on improvement and aims for a second state title before heading to college. Garrett hopes to make his college decision next summer and values the connections he's built at Prince Avenue, emphasizing humility and consistency in his approach.........This from the Athens Banner Herald 



From The Athens Clarke County News Facebook page: Athens Clarke County News Facebook page from Athens posted a TikTok video by Charliecaruso8 about UGA’s New training facility that cost $80 million.  

Others commented: 

Bradley Rosson “You gotta have priorities.” 

Lebby Valentine “Education should be the priority 

The waste of money for a sport 

Studies have shown that money is lost for college football. It does not pay” 

Alan Carson from Athens “FYI, these facilities are paid for with private money, not state funds.” 

Nancy Gelczis Walton “This is why everything costs so much.” 

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