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6 More Arrested for Fight That Left 19-Year-Old Dead

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MDJ Script/ Top Stories for May 14th              

Publish Date:  May 14th          



From the Ingles Studio, Welcome to the Marietta Daily Journal Podcast. 


Today is Tuesday, May 14th, and Happy 79th Birthday to director George Lucas.

***05.14.24 – BIRTHDAY – GEORGE LUCAS***

I’m Dan Radcliffe and here are the stories Cobb is talking about, presented by Credit Union of Georgia. 

  1. 6 More Arrested for Fight That Left 19-Year-Old Dead
  2. Former Facebook and Nike Diversity Manager Gets 5 Years for Fraud
  3. Candidates Sound Off on Wildman's Civil War Store


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STORY 1: 6 More Arrested for Fight That Left 19-Year-Old Dead

Six additional men have been arrested in connection with a fatal fight in a Powder Springs subdivision that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Fabrice Robelin. The altercation occurred after a dispute, initiated by text messages, led to a physical confrontation at the Lost Lakes subdivision. Coledye Warnock, the brother of one of the arrested men, is accused of fatally shooting Robelin during the altercation. According to witness statements, the fight ensued between multiple individuals, leading to Robelin being shot. Warnock and others fled the scene, with Warnock later arrested and charged with murder, aggravated assault, and other offenses. The other six men face charges of fighting and disorderly conduct, with one also charged with obstructing law enforcement. Robelin was pronounced dead at the scene, and investigations are ongoing.

STORY 2: Former Facebook and Nike Diversity Manager Gets 5 Years for Fraud

Barbara Furlow-Smiles, a former diversity program manager at Facebook and Nike, has been sentenced to five years in federal prison for orchestrating a complex wire fraud scheme aimed at stealing over $5 million. Furlow-Smiles exploited her position at Facebook to manipulate invoices and payments, directing fraudulent proceeds to herself and associates. She continued the scheme at Nike after being fired from Facebook, using similar tactics to siphon funds. Furlow-Smiles recruited various individuals, including friends and family, to participate in the scheme. She used the stolen funds to finance a lavish lifestyle across multiple states. Furlow-Smiles was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay restitution to Facebook and Nike.

STORY 3: Candidates Sound Off on Wildman's Civil War Store

Wildman’s, a longstanding store in downtown Kennesaw known for controversial merchandise, has sparked debate among candidates in the upcoming city council election. The store, featuring Confederate and Nazi memorabilia, has divided opinions, with some calling for its removal and others emphasizing free speech rights. Councilwoman Madelyn Orochena campaigned on removing the store, while candidates Ben Day and Beatrice Shakal expressed moral opposition. However, some candidates prioritize other city issues, such as development and public safety. While acknowledging concerns about Wildman’s, candidates emphasize the importance of upholding First Amendment rights and engaging in constructive dialogue rather than bullying tactics. The controversy surrounding Wildman’s underscores broader discussions about community values and inclusivity in Kennesaw.

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STORY 4: 'Too Extravagant': GOP Commissioners Balk at Funding Galas

At a Cobb Board of Commissioners planning meeting, Commissioners Birrell and Gambrill criticized Commissioner Richardson's proposal to allocate $20,000 of her discretionary funds to Keep Cobb Beautiful's fall gala. They argued that taxpayer money should be spent on projects, not events, and raised concerns about accountability issues within the organization. While Richardson defended the gala as a celebration of sustainability efforts, Birrell and Gambrill called for greater transparency in event funding and suggested hosting county events in more cost-effective venues. Chairwoman Cupid noted the lack of available county facilities for events like her State of the County address, which prompted the discussion on event spending. The commission plans to revisit the issue at their next meeting.

STORY 5: Drayton Leads Fundraising in Cobb Superior Court Clerk Race

In the race for Cobb Superior Court clerk, Democratic challenger Brunessa Drayton has outpaced incumbent Connie Taylor in fundraising, raising nearly $14,000 in the latest reporting period and totaling $31,605 overall, compared to Taylor's $16,900. Drayton's support spans nationally, with notable contributions from Georgia figures like Rep. Terry Cummings and Austell Police Chief Scott Hamilton. Taylor received donations from figures like former Gov. Roy Barnes' law firm and former Cobb NAACP President Deane Bonner. Carole Melton, a bailiff, raised $4,700 this period, with support from various legal professionals. Nick Simpson raised $7,530, mostly spent, while Deborah Dance, the sole Republican candidate, hasn't reported significant fundraising. The primary is on May 21.

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STORY 6: Cobb Chamber Names Yalo Small Business of the Year

Yalo, a minority-owned creative agency, was named the 2024 Small Business of the Year by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. Known for branding and advertising, Yalo saw impressive growth, making the Inc. 5000 list with 151% revenue growth. They added 12 new clients in 2023, reaching $10.6 million in revenue. The award recognizes Yalo's unique approach and results. They will compete at the state level. The chamber also honored other businesses, including CDH Partners in the Small Business Hall of Fame, Perfect Image as Minority-Owned Business of the Year, FruTea Bubbles Café as Woman-Owned Business of the Year, 1885 Grill and the Alley Stage for Community Service Excellence, Wasserman Talent Solutions as Business to Watch, and AquaGuard for Next Level of Excellence.

STORY 7: Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against Cobb Schools

The Cobb County School District faces a complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights alleging "discriminatory censorship" in its book-banning practices. The complaint, filed by the National Women's Law Center, asserts that Cobb, along with a Florida district, targeted books by and about racial and LGBTQ+ minorities. Cobb removed 25 books from libraries since August, with several featuring LGBTQ+ or racial minority characters or authors. The complaint claims this violates Title IX and Title VI, creating a hostile environment for marginalized students. Superintendent Chris Ragsdale denied targeting specific groups, citing sexually explicit content as the reason for removals. The Cobb Board of Education plans to review the complaint. This follows a previous civil rights complaint regarding "shared ancestry."




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