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Creating podcasts that help our clients grow their revenue and impact by making meaningful connections with audiences.

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We are a diverse collective of multiskilled experts with a shared goal — to make extraordinary podcasts for brands that believe in them. 

We consider it our mandate to produce exceptional audio content that helps our clients grow their revenue, accelerate their impact, and build meaningful connections with their audiences.

Our Services

Our Beliefs

We believe that podcasts plug the leak in your marketing funnel. 

Through years of experience in marketing, our team has learned that marketers are great at capturing attention. But here’s the thing — they struggle to hold it. 

Holding the attention of consumers can be difficult. Especially in a time of endless distractions. 

That said, it’s a critical piece of good marketing. On average, prospects consume between three and five pieces of content before engaging with sales or buying direct. If you can’t hold their attention for at least that long, you’re dumping into a funnel that has a leak.

BG Podcast solves this issue through retention achieved with entertaining, engaging, and value-packed content. 

With an industry-leading engagement rate, we’re proving that a podcast has the power to draw your audience in and get them to stay. If the podcast is great, listeners subscribe and consume most (if not all) of the content. 

Even better — they tell their friends and the magic spreads. 

Your cost per acquisition decreases, your retention increases and just like that, your funnel is leak-free.

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