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Studio Microphone

We're experts in delivering engaging podcasts. They happen to be for brands.

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We are a diverse collective of multiskilled experts with a shared goal — to make extraordinary podcasts for brands that believe in them. 

We consider it our mandate to produce exceptional audio content that helps our clients grow their revenue, accelerate their impact, and build meaningful connections with their audiences.

Our Mission


  • Strive for the best audio

  • Practice exceptional storytelling

  • Work with top talent

  • Make podcasts that matter

  • Build strong relationships

  • Deliver quality service


  • Respectfully tell it like it is

  • Create work that is accessible to the target audience

  • Build solutions tailored to your brand

  • Create experiential content that embraces reality

  • Foster inclusivity


  • Look for creative solutions to problems

  • Value the flexibility of the creative process

  • Foster creativity by building trust

  • Collaboratively brainstorm

  • Practice curiosity


  • Listen to our client to understand their brand

  • Listen to learn about their audience

  • Listen to build bridges

  • Listen to the market

  • Listen to the numbers

  • Listen to learn

  • Listen to the world

  • Listen to podcasts


Darien Southerland



Jacob Southerland



Jeremy Powell

Head of Content and Production


Mitch Ambler

Sales Manager

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